Latest Updates on Yemen, 21 May 2020 (Map Update)

Friday, 22 May 2020 - 00:49

Latest news from the Yemen’s frontlines

1. Summary of Seyyed Abd al-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi message about al-Quds day:
– International Quds day is an opportunity for liberating the Palestine, restoring the sacredes and saving the Palestinian people.
– The Israel, is the enemy of the entire Islamic world and is a threat for global security and stability.
– The Yemeni people are ready for supporting from Palestine and its sacredes, beside the Islamic world freemen.
– We condemn the normalizing of relations, that the Saudi regime is in top of it.
– We present our suggestion to the Saudi regime about exchanging the Palestinian captives with one Saudi pilot and five Saudi officers, again.

2. The Yemeni armed forces spokesman:
– During the past week, the Saudi-American enemy has done more than 13 operations in the al-Jawf, Marib, Taiz and Saadah fronts.
– Also, the number of enemy airstrikes have reached 221, during the past week.
– The enemy carried out more than 100 operations and 1,300 air attacks against our positions, since April 9 until today.

3. The Saudi coalition airstrikes:
– The Saudi coalition fighter jets struck the Khab and al-Shaaf districts 20 times, Bart al-Anan and al-Hazm in the al-Jawf province 7 times, the Qaniyah region in al-Baydha province 5 times, the Sarwah and Majzar districts in the Marib province 5 times, and Qatabah district in al-Dhaleh province 3 times.

4. Al-Hudaydah:
During the past 48 hours, the Saudi coalition have violated the ceasefire more than 100 times in this province.

5. Al-Jawf:
Mansour Hadi forces attack on east of al-Hazm district, was repelled by Ansar Allah and popular committees

6. Abyan:
Continuation of clashes between Mansour Hadi forces and the Southerners in the Qarn al-Kalasi and the the regions between Zanjbar and Shuqara.

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  1. Ibrahim Ayyash says:

    You are a very reliable news source. Can u check the validity of ansarallah control over Alam al-abyadh

    1. Mirza says:

      Tnx, Nah it’s under Hadi forces