Important Statement and the Request of Resistant People of Fuah & Kafraya From Syrian Government and Its Allies


In the name of God the most Merciful and Compassionate

All the Praises are for Allah, the Lord of the world and whoever in it, from Allah only we seek help.


After a four years resistance and sacrificing more than 3,500 martyrs and thousands of wounded and defeating symbol of terrorism, i.e. Tahrir al Sham and its branches in Syria, now to evacuate the towns Fuah and Kafraya under siege in north of Idlib province, an agreement between Iran, Russia and Turkey is made.

We hereby remind that this agreement is no like other agreements during the war in Syria.


We, people of Fuah & Kafraya claim that:
1. This is our right that all people be transported in single step and as a single convoy.
2. During the process there should be a promise for safety and well-being of the freed people and there should be no danger or harm and Turkey (as one of the sides of agreement) should be responsible for safety and well-being of people. Since we have not resisted to be killed by betrayal and their children to be taken due to retaliation.
3. Since this evacuation is by force, we need promise for accommodation and due to our resistance and sacrifice and our support of Syrian flag which raised for a long time over our cities, we deserve this.
4. Guarantee for job for families of martyrs and fighters and inhabitants of city that worked in fields to provide life for us, where everyone lost their jobs due to relocation and compensation of their belongings which were abandoned.
5. Request those who are captured in Rashedin explosion and fighters or their bodies who were captured during defending the two cities.

6. Full support for freed inhabitants of Fuah & Kafraya in terms of medical, education, service and etc. Since they have not abandoned their land under hardships and now they seriously need support.
7. We have not left our land and we demand to return to our cities. We have the fear that terrorists disrespect the graves of our martyrs in retaliation so we demand that no one enters the cities, unless it is a neutral group and to keep the cities safe and secure.
8. Demanding to consider the time boys have spent to defend the cities as their military service or as their reserve service.


We present these demands to President Assad and other sides and responsible officials in Syrian Government and other parties in the agreement of full evacuation of the cities.


People of Fuah & Kafraya

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One thought on "Important Statement and the Request of Resistant People of Fuah & Kafraya From Syrian Government and Its Allies"

anti_republocrat says:

As-salāmu ʿalaykum to my human brothers and sisters in Fuah and Kafraya from a brother in the US. May the will of the vast majority of Syrians to maintain a pluralistic society be respected and may you prevail over the evil forces of fitna and takfirism.