20 October 2019
Heating Up the Situation by Samir Geagea; Lebanon

ISWNews Analysis Group: Samir Geagea, leader of Lebanon’s Armed Forces party, officially announced resignation of his party’s ministers to show allegiance with protesters.

20 October 2019
Reasons and Trend of Recent Protests in Lebanon

Recent protests in Lebanon started due to increasing the taxes on messaging apps such as WhatsApp by government. This move by the government is like setting fire on the dry lodges of economic pressure on people, made them impatient and caused vast protests on the bad economic situation in recent years.

19 October 2019
Sayed Hasan Nasrollah Regarding Recent Evolutions of Lebanon

ISWNews Analysis Group: Lebanon’s Hezbollah Secretary General addressed the recent developments in Lebanon at the rally of Arbaeen near the shrine of the daughter of Imam Hussein (AS) in Baalbek.

09 September 2019
Hezbollah shot down an Israeli drone near Ramiyah village, southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah has stated that the drone was targeted with appropriate weapon and is currently under the control of Islamic Resistance fighters.

04 September 2019
Video: Israeli Base Avivim Empty! Israel’s Red Lines Violated.

Arabic RT made a report of evacuated Avivim base near Lebanon’s border; an interesting unprecedented report in Israel!

02 September 2019
Video | Footage of hitting an Israeli armored vehicle by Hezbollah near Lebanon’s border

Finally after one day, Hezbollah released a video showing the targeting of an Israeli armored vehicle near Avivim town in occupied lands near Lebanon’s border by a Kornet anti-tank guided missile.

01 September 2019
Breaking | Hezbollah Response to Israel

ISWNews Analysis Group: Hezbollah destroyed an Israeli army’s vehicle in Avivim town.

25 August 2019
Breaking | An Israeli drone shot down over the Beirut by Hezbollah.
04 June 2019
4 Lebanese Military Personnels Martyred in Tripoli Terrorist Attack

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night, one of ISIS hidden cells in Tripoli, Abdul Rahman Mabsout, carried out a series of terrorist attacks in various parts of the city.

03 June 2019
Terrorist attack in Tripoli, Lebanon

A few hours ago a terrorist attack in Tripoli against security forces caused a soldier martyred and some injured.

01 June 2019
Nasrullah: “If US. assault Iran, all US. troops and benefits will be destroyed.”

Sayyed Hasan Nasrullah in the day of the Quds ceremony:
Ayatullah Khamenei said: “There won’t be any war”. Our analysis is that there won’t be a war because Americans know that if they assault Iran, war won’t stay behind Iran’s borders and spreads throughout the entire region and all American troops and benefits will be destroyed then Israel and Saudi need to pay for it very soon.

25 May 2019
Lebanon Liberation Day

25 May is liberation of south of Lebanon in 2000 anniversary. On this day, Hezbollah after years of Guerilla war with Zionist Army, repelled them back and forced them to evacuate south of Lebanon.