12 December 2017
Martyrdom of a warrior who was nightmare of Israel.

Mohamed Qasim Tarhini one of Lebanon Islamic Moqawama (Hezbollah) martyred in fight against terrorists in Syria. Last summer he sent a message, which frightened Israel severely.

23 November 2017
Hariri’s Resignation and More Plans for War

Undoubtedly the media’s account of Saad Hariri’s ‘forced’ resignation is not the whole story, but how true or untrue is it?
By Jeremy Salt

02 November 2017
Hezbollah And Hamas Leaders Met In Lebanon’s Beirut

On Wednesday, Hamas’s deputy political chief Saleh al-Arouri met with Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah in Lebanon’s Beirut.

31 October 2017
Lebanon Appoints News Ambassador To Syria

Lebanon has officially appointed Saad Zakhia as its ambassador to Syria. Zakhia is set to hand over his credentials to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during this week.

30 August 2017
ISIS is completely expelled from common border of Lebanon and Syria

After years, the common border of Lebanon and Syria is completely freed from armed men and ISIS forces and the region is in secure now.

29 August 2017
Recently Visited Lebanon: Shia Hezbollah, the Sunni PM Hariri, and the Christian President Aoun Are All Part of the Fabric of Lebanese Society

By Muhammad Ali Carter
Robert Carter is an English journalist and political commentator based in London, UK. Robert, who also goes by his Muslim name, Muhammad Ali Carter, specialises on Middle Eastern culture, politics and history as well as the current affairs of the global Muslim world.

26 August 2017
Last Military Situation in West Qalamoun , 6th & 7th day results

In 6th &7th days of operation in western Qalamoun,more than 90% Joroud al-Birij liberated

23 August 2017
West Qalamoun Operation, 4th Day Results

According to the news and analytics outlet of Islamic World News, resistance forces together with SAA and LAF liberated an area in northern axis of the operation, which is about 50 km2.