Middle East
08 August 2020
John Bolton: Division of Iraq is useful!

ISWNews Analysis Group: John Bolton, the former US national security adviser and one of the US foreign policy theorists, made important remarks in an interview with the Rudaw network about US future plans for the West Asian region.

08 August 2020
Latest Updates on Beirut Explosion

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to the latest information released by the Lebanese Ministry of Health, 158 people have been died and more than 6,000 injured in the explosion at the port of Beirut.

07 August 2020
Yemen: Another crime By Saudi coalition in Al-Jawf province!

ISWNews Analysis Group: More than 20 Yemeni civilians including children have been killed and wounded in the bombing of al-Ma’atara area Khab and al-Shaaf district by Saudi-led coalition warplanes.

06 August 2020
IED Attack Against US Convoy

On August 5, the Iraqi group Saraya Thorat Al-Ashrin Al-Thaniyah targeted a US-led coalition convoy with an IED in Tal al-Lahm area north of city of Nasiriyah.

05 August 2020
Breaking: Rocket Attack to Baghdad’s Green Zone

ISWNews Analysis Group: Local sources in Iraq reported that a rocket was fired at the US Embassy area in the Baghdad security zone. No casualties were reported.

04 August 2020
Massive Explosion Rocked Beirut + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: A huge explosion in the port of Beirut this evening caused widespread damages and casualties in the Lebanese capital.

04 August 2020
One Turkish Soldier Died in Syria

According to local sources, on August 3 a Turkish soldier was found dead in the Turkish controlled area in the city of Ras Al-Ain in the northwestern Hasakah countryside.

04 August 2020
Latest Updates on Yemen, 3 August 2020 (Map Update)

Latest news from the Yemeni frontlines

04 August 2020
Israel attacked Syrian army positions in south of Syria again

ISWNews Analysis Group: A Zionist army helicopter targeted Syrian army positions in south of Syria in Qahtaniya area, outskirts of Qunaitra, late on August 3.

03 August 2020
Big Explosion in Idlib’s Binnish

On August 3, Russian warplanes struck militant positions in the village of Binnish, reportedly destroying HTS headquarters and a large ammunition depot in the area.

03 August 2020
Iraq: US high military and political delegation visited Qandil mountain

ISWNews Analysis Group: On 2 August, a high-level US military and political delegation traveled to the Qandil Mountain in northern Iraq to meet with leaders of the PKK terrorist group.

03 August 2020
Iran bombs Kurdish terrorist groups positions in northern Iraq + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: Today noon artillery and drones of Iran bombed terrorist groups Komalah and Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (HDKA) in Sidakan area in north of Iraq