Middle East
03 August 2020
Turkey builds military base in Oman

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to Persian Gulf states media, Turkey and Oman agreed to erect a Turkish base in Oman.

02 August 2020
Breaking: Rocket attack on Israeli settlement

ISWNews Analysis Group: Tensions have risen in Palestine since hours after a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip into the Occupied Territories.

02 August 2020
Ansar Allah shot down a Saudi coalition drone

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah shot down a US RQ-20 drone belonging to the Saudi coalition over the Haradh area in northern part of al-Hajjah province.

01 August 2020
Latest Updates on Yemen, 1 August 2020 (Map Update)

Latest news from the Yemeni fronts

01 August 2020
US military presence increase in Iraq Kurdistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: American coalition spokesperson in Iraq reported of opening a new counseling center in Erbil, Kurdistan.

01 August 2020
SDF name, USA benefit!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Lindsey Graham, American senator, reported of a new oil contract with SDF in northeast of Syria.

01 August 2020
US-based ‘terrorist’ leader Jamshid Sharmahd arrested by Iran

ISWNews Analysis Group: Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence announced the arrest of Jamshid Sharmahd, the leader of the terrorist group “Kingdom Assembly of Iran”.

01 August 2020
A Large Arms Shipment Seized By the SAA

The Syrian security services seized a large amount of weapons and ammunition on the administrative borders between Homs and Hama, in the eastern Homs countryside, which were intended to be smuggled to terrorist groups in the northern Idlib countryside.

31 July 2020
Turkish F-16s arrive in Azerbaijan

ISWNews Analysis Group: On July 31, five Turkish Air Force F-16s arrived in Azerbaijan to launch a joint military exercise with Azerbaijan.

30 July 2020
Turkey-Azerbaijan joint drill

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish troops and equipment entered Azerbaijan for a ten days joint drill.

30 July 2020
Deceived forces of Saudi coalition are keep coming back to Ansar Allah!

ISWNews Analysis Group: A battalion of presidential guard forces, who were under Saudi coalition, returned from Al Hudaydah front to Sanaa and submit to Ansar Allah.

29 July 2020
Latest Ypdates on Yemen, 29 July 2020

Abu Ali Hakim, head of Ansar Allah intelligence service, met with elders and militants of tribes Dahm al-Hamra, Hamdan, Zu Hussein, Bani Nuf, Ashraf.