18 October 2019
Latest Updates on Palestine, 18 October 2019
16 October 2019
Anti-Zionist Speech of Kuwait National Assembly Speaker

ISWNews Analysis Group: Marzouq Ali al-Ghanim, speaker of National Assembly of Kuwait said in the Inter-Parliament Union conference in Belgrade: “International society silence about crimes against nations of the region specially Palestine is disappointing and if the situation continues, it may lead to explosions(more chaos) and the consequences for the world.”

10 September 2019
Breaking | Rocket Attacks on Israeli Controlled Area

ISWNews Analysis Group: Palestinian Resistance groups fired five rockets at the Israeli positions in Ashdod and Ashkelon.

07 September 2019
Breaking | Israel Attacks on Gaza

ISWNews Analysis Group: Minutes ago, Zionist warplanes attacked several bases of Islamic Resistance in Gaza strip.

26 August 2019
Tension in Gaza; Israeli air strikes on Gaza strip

ISWNews Analysis Group: Israeli media announced at least four rockets fired from Gaza into nearby settlements, including Sderot.

23 August 2019
Latest Updates on Palestine 23 August 2019
18 August 2019
Details of the Recent Engagement Between Palestinian Resistance and Israeli Regime

ISWNews Analysis Group: In the past week, there were more than 50 conflicts between Israeli troops and Palestinians.

17 August 2019
Video | Gaza Airstrike by Israeli Fighters

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Zionist warplanes raided Gaza several times last night.

16 August 2019
Breaking | 3 Rockets Fired from Gaza into the Occupied Territories

ISWNews Analysis Group: Israeli media reported the firing of three rockets from the Gaza to the Israeli controlled areas near the Gaza strip.

25 July 2019
Khamenei: “Hamas is in the heart of the Palestinian movement”

Saleh al-Arouri, the Deputy Chairman of the political office of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and his entourage met with Ayatollah Khamenei—the Leader of the Islamic Revolution— on July 22, 2019.

22 July 2019
Latest Updates on Palestine 21 July 2019

An explosion in the arm factory of Israel regime in Tel Aviv. The sound of this explosion were heard in Herzliya and Ramat. No more information were published from this explosion.

13 July 2019
Latest Updates on Palestine 12 July 2019