13 July 2019
Latest Updates on Palestine 12 July 2019
12 July 2019
The Details of the Deal of the Century Pertaining to Jordan
08 July 2019
Latest Updates on Palestine 6 July 2019
08 July 2019
Betraying Hamas Again!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Suhaib Hassan Yusef second son of Hassan Yusef, a leader of Hamas, departed from Hamas and interviewed with Israeli networks against Hamas.

05 July 2019
Israeli Top Commander Resigns Due to Gaza Strip Defeat

Zionist paper reported that commander of the special operations unit of the military intelligence unit resigned due to last year defeat in Khan Yunis.

28 June 2019
Latest Updates on Palestine, 28 June 2019

Chilean President visited Al Aqsa Mosque in his trip to occupied lands; Palestinian engaging with Israeli soldiers in Nablus; Injury of 79 Palestinian protestors by Israeli Regime Army in 63rd Return protest in Gaza

22 June 2019
Israel: Arresting a Jordanian with Charge of Spying for Iran

The Israel Security Agency (Shabak) proclaims to arrest a 32 years old Jordanian citizen named Thaer Shafout with the charge of spying for Intelligence Ministry of Iran in Western Bank.

16 June 2019
Trump settlement in occupied Golan!

After the Trump administration recognized Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan heights, Netanyahu vowed to build a new settlement in Golan.

15 June 2019
Latest Updates on Palestine, 14 June 2019

Continued bombing of Gaza by Israeli fighters and efforts to bring peace

08 June 2019
A Prelude to the Role of Jordan in the “Deal of the Century” for Palestine

An important player in Palestine’s issue is Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan which received the most influence from Palestine-Israel struggle as well.

05 June 2019
Al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades Training in Gaza Strip
02 June 2019
Israel Struck Syria Again, This Time the T4 Airbase

Minutes ago, the Tiyas Airbase(T4) in Homes was targeted by several Israeli missiles. Syrian media claimed that 2 missiles were intercepted.