09 December 2019
How Did Palestine’s First Intifada Start?

The 32nd anniversary of first intifada of Palestine, “intifada of stone”

07 December 2019
Breaking: Several Rockets Launched From Gaza to Zionist Towns
03 December 2019
New Details of “Operation Sword’s Edge” Revealed by al-Qassam Brigades

ISWNews Analysis Group: Martyr al-Qassam Brigades (military branch of Hamas movement) broadcasted new details of Sword’s Edge operation in a documentary from Al Jazeera TV.

01 December 2019
Latest Updates on Palestine, 30 November 2019

Palestine news in the past week

26 November 2019
Breaking: Three Rockets Fired Toward Zionist Towns From Gaza

Israeli media reported of intercepting two of them by Iron Dome air defense system.

25 November 2019
Breaking: Firing a Rocket From Gaza to Zionist Town

ISWNews Analysis Group: Palestinian Resistance fired a rocket toward occupied lands and fired at an Israeli quadcopter.

24 November 2019
Breaking: Palestinian Resistance warriors fired at an Israeli quad copter on the east of Gaza Strip

Zionists are recently using quad copters to spy on and assassinate commanders of Palestinian Resistance.

14 November 2019
Latest Updates on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

From the beginning of the engagement so far 34 of Resistance forces martyred and 111 injured.

14 November 2019
Details of Baha Abu al-Ata Assassination

Islamic Jihad investigation has shed light on the details of Baha Abu al-Ata assassination, a commander of Quds battalions (military branch of Islamic Jihad).

14 November 2019
Breaking: Rocked attack on occupied lands

ISWNews Analysis Group: News sources reported that the multiple rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip to the occupied territories.

14 November 2019
Breaking: Islamic Jihad Accepted the Offered Ceasefire by Egypt

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Islamic Jihad and Israel agreed to Egypt’s mediation and a ceasefire agreement was agreed in the early hours of Thursday, coming into effect at 5:30am (3:30 GMT).

13 November 2019
In Picture: Gaza Strip Situation