26 March 2018
Qassam Brigades’ Maneuver in Gaza strip

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Izz ad-Din Qassam brigades, the military branch of Islamic Moghawemat Movement of Palestine, Hamas, Started the defensive maneuver under the title of “Steadfastness and Challenge Maneuvers” in Gaza strip on Sunday

11 February 2018
Israeli F-16 shot down by Syria over Golan

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Saturday morning Syrian air defense shot down an Israeli F-16 which attacked some targets in Syrian land.

22 December 2017
Mista’arvim; the entangled knot of Palestinian Intifada

Maybe you ask how different Intifadas (Palestinian rebellion against Israel oppression) end in despite of Palestinians’ support and effort?

20 December 2017
Ahed Al Tamimi is arrested, a girl of grace and steadfast by Israeli forces

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Ahed Al Tamimi, 16 years old Palestinian girl who is participating in demos against Israel continuously from 2012 in Nabi Salih in West Bank of Jordan River was arrested at 4 AM from her house by Israeli forces.

19 December 2017
Terrorist attack to a church in Quetta Pakistan

Islamic World News Analysis Group: nine died and 57 injured in a terrorist attack to a church in Quetta in southwest Pakistan.

12 December 2017
Martyrdom of a warrior who was nightmare of Israel.

Mohamed Qasim Tarhini one of Lebanon Islamic Moqawama (Hezbollah) martyred in fight against terrorists in Syria. Last summer he sent a message, which frightened Israel severely.

09 December 2017
Breaking | Today is “Day of wrath for Palestine”

Hamas in their statement which published last night, invited Palestinian people to go to border between Gaza strip and occupied Palestine and engage and fight with Zionist soldiers and inhabitants there.

08 December 2017
Trump’s Decision Insults 1 Billion Muslims, Millions of Christians

The Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has slammed Trump’s decision on Jerusalem as the ‘second Balfour declaration’, saying that his move is an insult to over one billion Muslims and millions of Christians.

06 December 2017
Breaking; Trump did what he wanted to do finally!

Donald Trump finally signed the order to move US embassy to Jerusalem.
This decision clearly considers occupied Jerusalem as part of Israel and violates Palestinians rights.
This action is the last nail on the coffin of peace talks between Israel and Palestine which is going for 27 years.

02 November 2017
Hezbollah And Hamas Leaders Met In Lebanon’s Beirut

On Wednesday, Hamas’s deputy political chief Saleh al-Arouri met with Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah in Lebanon’s Beirut.

19 October 2017
Israel’s Strategic Ambitions Thwarted in Iraqi Kurdistan and Will be in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor

By David Macilwain
David lives in Australia, but grew up and graduated in the UK.

30 September 2017
Palestinian Resistance Forces Reveal New Missile (Photo)

The al-Nasser Salah al-Deen Brigades has revealed its new missile, the Imad earthquake (Zelzal Imad).