Saudi Arabia
29 March 2020
Yemen Armed Forces statement regarding last night operation against Saudi Arabia

ISWNews Analysis Group: General Yahya al-Sari’, Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson, read a statement regarding last night attack to Saudi coalition in Saudi Arabia.

29 March 2020
Ansar Allah extensive missile attack to Saudi Arabia

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night, Ansar Allah attacked Saudi coalition in Riyadh and Jizan with several missiles.

28 March 2020
Palestinian resistance groups welcome Ansar Allah’s recent offer

ISWNews Analysis Group: Islamic resistance movement of Palestine, aka Hamas, endorsed Ansar Allah’s recent offer regarding exchange of Saudi POWs and Hamas detainees, in a statement.

26 March 2020
Saudi coalition agrees to ceasefire in Yemen

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Saudi coalition (Saudi Arabia and the UAE) has agreed to the UN proposal for a ceasefire in Yemen.

14 March 2020
Saudi coalition oil war with Russia

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the oil ear between Saudi Arabia and Russia, UAE increased its oil production.

08 March 2020
Deploying of Saudi Army in the Qatif province

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to COVID-19 outbreak, Saudi security forces have quarantined the Qatif province and have restricted traffic in it.

20 February 2020
Breaking: Severe explosions in the port of Yanbu in Saudi Arabia + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: Local sources have reported heavy blasts and missile observations in the sky of Yanbu in the west of Saudi Arabia and on the Red Sea coast.

18 February 2020
Saudi coalition crimes census in Jawf

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to ministry of health of Yemen rescue administration, due to Saudi coalition airstrikes in Maslub district, Jawf province, 35 people martyred and 23 injured. 26 of martyrs and 18 of the injured are children.

17 February 2020
Saudis engagement with east of Yemen tribes

ISWNews Analysis Group: Tribes of Shahan district in Mahrah province engaged with Saudi occupying forces.

16 February 2020
Images of the downed Saudi Tornado pilot

Yemeni locals published the images of the pilot of Saudi Tornado fighter jet which was downed on 14 February in Jawf province.

15 February 2020
Infographic: Know the Tornado!

On February 14, the Yemeni air defense systems shot down a Saudi Tornado fighter jet over the sky of al-Jawf in northern Yemen.

11 February 2020
Saudi’s effort to accuse Palestinian and Jordanian prisoners

ISWNews Analysis Group: Saudi attorney is considering charges of illegal income and establishing illegal organization against Palestinian and Jordanian prisoners.