Saudi Arabia
06 January 2020
New Saudi led coalition!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Saudi Arabia announced to form a new international coalition titled “Red Sea and Gulf of Aden countries council”.

02 January 2020
Video: Shooting Down Saudi Coalition “Karayel” Drone

Ansar Allah released the footage of Turkish-made drone Karayel shot down over the Salif area in Al Hudadyah.

27 December 2019
Ansar Allah’s missile response to Saudi coalition recent crime

ISWNews Analysis Group: Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson, Gen. Yahya Sari’ said a Badr P-1 missile fired toward 19th brigade of Saudi border guard base in Ber Askar area, Najran.

26 December 2019
Opinion: The Normalization of the Arab Relations with Israel

The power of Iran and the increased ideology of Islamic resistance after the defeat of Takfirism in the area, has feared the Arabic countries and the Zionists and make them become united against the resistance. In this way, the process of normalization of the relations between Arabic countries and Israel is being increased in the periods of Al Ziad and Al Saud.

26 December 2019
Saudi coalition silent crime in the Red Sea

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah reported that 11 ships were detained by Saudi coalition at the shores of the Red Sea.

17 December 2019
Video: How Many Saudi coalition aircraft were shot down in Yemen?
17 December 2019
Saudis to partner with Deir ez-Zur oil

ISWNews Analysis Group: The US-led coalition plans to partner with Saudi Arabia’s Aramco to expand its oil trade in the northern Deir ez-Zur oil fields.

15 December 2019
Yemeni Armed Forces Warning to Saudi Coalition

ISWNews Analysis Group: Gen. Yayah al-Sari’ ,Yemeni armed forces spokesperson, warned Saudi coalition regarding the continuing ceasefire violation.

12 December 2019
UN Did Not Confirm That Weapons Used to Attack Aramco Were Iranian

ISWNews Analysis Group: Antonio Guterres, UN General Secretary rejected the accusation that Iran was behind the attack to Aramco on September 14.

11 December 2019
Persian Gulf Cooperation Council Without Qatari Emir

ISWNews Analysis Group: 40th GCC summit was held in Riyadh on December 10.

08 December 2019
Everything About Saudi Soldier Attack in USA

On Friday a Saudi cadet killed several American soldiers and civilians. USA media and government have not disclosed the details of the incident.

07 December 2019
Breaking: Saudi’s Fourth Drone Shot Down by Ansar Allah in Recent Days

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah shot down a spy drone of Saudi coalition over east of ‘Alam mountain, Jizan border.