Saudi Arabia
29 September 2019
Details: Big blow to the Saudi coalition in Saadah province + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: A few minutes ago Gen. Yahya Al Sari, spokesperson of Yemeni Armed Forces, in a press conference revealed new details of AnsarAllah’s recent operation in north of Saadah.

29 September 2019
King Salman’s Prominent Bodyguard Shot Dead!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Major General Abdulaziz Al-Fagham, a prominent bodyguard to King Salman has been shot and killed in what authorities describe as a personal dispute, according to Saudi media reports.

28 September 2019
Rejection of AnsarAllah and Saudi Agreement

ISWNews Analysis Group: Mohammed Ali al-Houthi rejected news of agreement with Saudis over ceasefire in Yemen in 4 provinces of Yemen including Sanaa and in return AnsarAllah stops missile and drone attacks to Saudi infrastructure.

20 September 2019
One-Sided Airstrike Ceasefire by Ansar Allah

Mahdi al-Mashat the president of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council said We rely on our confidence and strength to announce that we have stopped missile and drone strikes on Saudi soil and we are waiting for such a reciprocal move from Saudi Arabia and stopping the bombardment.

20 September 2019
Lack of Gas in Gas Stations of Saudi Arabia

In this footage, Saudis are reporting from lack of gas and long lines to get gas. According to our sources, lack of gas in Saudi Arabia is more critical than Saudi officials thought.

20 September 2019
Images: Abqaiq Refinery After Ansarullah UAVs Attack

ISWNews Analysis Group: Saudi media released images of some parts of the Abqaiq refinery damaged by recent Ansar Allah drone attacks.

20 September 2019
Zarif: “Military Strike on Iran Will Lead to ‘All-Out War’ in the Region.”

Zarif’s interesting response in an exclusive interview with CNN on allegations against Iran.

18 September 2019
Saudi Arabian Defense Ministry press conference showing Yemeni drones wreckage

ISWNews Analysis Group: Today Saudi Defense Ministry held a press conference with showing wreckages of Yemeni drones to show the responsible of the Aramco attack.

18 September 2019
Press conference of Yemeni Armed Forces and unveiling details of AnsarAllah’s operation in east of Saudi Arabia

ISWNews Analysis Group: Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman Brigadier Yahya Al Sari’ presented further details of the recent operation against the Aramco facilities in eastern Saudi Arabia at a news conference tonight.

18 September 2019
Ansar Allah’s statement in reaction to condemning the attack to Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure

ISWNews Analysis Group: Mohammed Abdul Salam, spokesperson and chief negotiator of Ansar Allah, issued a statement regarding the international condemning Ansar Allah’s recent attack to Aramco facilities of Saudi Arabia.

16 September 2019
A Few Points on Released Photos of Last Night and Americans’ Claims

US says that the attack was done from Iraq’s soil and by Iran’s proxies; The West and some say the attack was done using cruise missile; Sound of drones engines

15 September 2019
Images: Detailed Images of the Damage at the Abqaiq and Khurays Facilities

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Trump administration released satellite images of the results of Ansar Allah strikes on the Aramco facility in eastern Saudi Arabia hours ago.