28 May 2020
Video: Blast en route Turkish army convoy in Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to high explosive blast en route Turkish army forces on M4 highway in Idlib a Turkish soldier killed and several others injured.

12 May 2020
Tenth Joint Russia-Turkey patrol in M4 highway in Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: This joint patrol was opposed by terrorists of Idlib same as previous patrols. A bomb went off outskirts Ariha town near the patrol without casualties and damages.

06 May 2020
The 8th Joint Turkish-Russian patrol on the M4 Highway

ISWNews Analysis Group: The eighth joint Turkish-Russian patrol was done in the M4 highway in Syria’s Idlib with the two countries air force participation.

01 May 2020
Opinion: What is Turkey seeking in Libya?
26 April 2020
Opinion: Investigation of the latest military-security situation in Idlib

Following liberation of Damascus-Aleppo highway (M5) from terrorists by Syrian army in the fifth step of operation in Idlib province under aerial support of Russians and ground help of resistance forces, the Syrian army moved toward M4 highway. This increased the front line with Turkish forces and Turks lobbying with Russia made an opportunity for a ceasefire. This article addresses the latest situation in Idlib province.

26 April 2020
Turkey increases sending Syrian militants to Libya

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated on April 25 that Turkey has deployed a new batch of at least 2,100 Syrian militants in Libya.

21 April 2020
The Turkish-Russian fifth joint military patrol on the M4 highway

According to the Russian reconciliation center in Syria, the fifth joint Turkish-Russian military patrol was done on Aleppo-Latakia highway (M4) in the west of Saraqib town on April 21th.

20 April 2020
Turkey’s aircraft attacked north of Iraq again

ISWNews Analysis Group: Today morning Turkish warplanes violated Iraq airspace and bombed northern villages of Irbil province.

19 April 2020
Video: Turkish Army heliborne operation in Erbil, Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkey has released images of its forces heliborne operation against several PKK points in Mount of Khuakurk in the Bradoust region in northeast of Erbil province in Iraq.

19 April 2020
Opinion: PKK attacks on Turkey and Iran: Two birds with one stone!

Kurdistan workers’ party or PKK is a militia left group in Kurdistan, Turkey, which established in 1970 and started armed activities since 1984 against Turkish government with the intent of secession.

جنگنده ترکیه
17 April 2020
Iraq’s reaction to Turkish airstrikes in depth of its territory

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Iraqi joint operation command strongly condemned Turkey’s action in targeting some parts in northeast of Iraq by issuing a statement, and called it provocative and violating the Iraqi sovereignty.

15 April 2020
North of Iraq bombardment by Turkish aircraft

ISWNews Analysis Group: Hours ago, Turkish aircraft bombed the mountains of the Varte and Rawanduz in northeast of Erbil several times. These attacks are done while the mentioned regions had been targeted by Turkish army also in the last night