24 February 2020
Turkish Troops Casualties in Libya + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish President Receb Tayib Erdogan confirmed death of Turkish troops in Libya in recent days.

24 February 2020
Breaking: Turkish military casualties increased in Syria’s Idlib + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: A number of Turkish troops were killed and wounded due to Russian fighter jets airstrikes on a Turkish military convoy in Idlib province.

23 February 2020
Photos of Turkish troops killed in Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish ministry of defense released photos of three Turkish troops who were killed two days ago in Idlib.

23 February 2020
Syrian Army serious warning to Turkey

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian defense ministry issued a statement and warned seriously about any unknown objects flying in Syrian airspace.

21 February 2020
Video: Aerial footage of Turkish artillery attacks on Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Images captured by Russian drones show Turkish artillery attacks with T-155 Fırtına against the Syrian army positions in the Idlib province.

20 February 2020
Syria: Turkish-backed Militants Attack Repelled Completely!

ISWNews Analysis Group: The militants heavy attacks with the special support of Turkish army at the axis of Nayrab, west of the city of Saraqib, were repulsed by Syrian Army resistance.

20 February 2020
Breaking: Two Turkish soldiers killed in Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Turkish Defense Ministry said on Thursday that two Turkish soldiers were killed and another five were wounded in Syrian Army air strikes in the Idlib province.

14 February 2020
Video: Syrian helicopter shot down by the militants in western Aleppo

This afternoon, a Syrian army helicopter was shot down over the Orum al-Soghra area in western Aleppo by the Turkish-backed militants MANPAD missile.

13 February 2020
Video : Moment of targeting the Syrian helicopter by Turkish army forces with using a MANPAD

On February 11, the Syrian army helicopter was targeted over the Nayrab in the Idlib province and completely was destroyed. In this attack 4 members of Syrian army were killed.

12 February 2020
Video: Targeting Syrian army positions by Turkish army using Grad missiles

Militant media reported the start of a new round of attacks with direct Turkish support against the Syrian army positions in the Kafr Halab area.

12 February 2020
Erdogan once again threatens Syria to war

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish president Receb Tayib Erdogan during remarks in the weekly meeting of the AK Party in the Turkish parliament, threatened the Syrian army and government to war.

11 February 2020
Will Turkey go to full scale war with Syria?

Assaulting Syria by Turkey is not a new issue but Erdogan’s statements and his soldiers activities in Idlib shows a new dangerous phase of Turkey infiltration in Syria.