12 February 2020
Erdogan once again threatens Syria to war

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish president Receb Tayib Erdogan during remarks in the weekly meeting of the AK Party in the Turkish parliament, threatened the Syrian army and government to war.

11 February 2020
Will Turkey go to full scale war with Syria?

Assaulting Syria by Turkey is not a new issue but Erdogan’s statements and his soldiers activities in Idlib shows a new dangerous phase of Turkey infiltration in Syria.

10 February 2020
Latest news on the tense situation of Idlib; sending Turkish troops to Idlib + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Turkish Army has sent more than 1450 military vehicles and equipment into Syria since last week.

10 February 2020
Breaking: 5 Turkish troops killed in Idlib’s Taftanaz

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to some preliminary information, 3 to 5 Turkish forces lost their lives in a Syrian artillery attack on Taftanaz airport.

10 February 2020
Breaking: HTS start a new operation against the Syrian army with support of Turkey

Militant groups announced that with the support of Turkish artillery, begin a military operation on the Saraqeb axis against the positions of the Syrian army in the southeastern countryside of Idlib

08 February 2020
Will Turkey start a war with Syrian Army?

ISWNews Analysis Group: After recent tensions between the Syrian army and Turkey, a large military convoy entered Syrian territory from Turkish borders and are going to Idlib and things are getting more complicated!

08 February 2020
Turkey builds new military post near the city of Idlib + Turkish observation posts map

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish army has constructed a new military post in the “Military Housing” area on the road between Sarmin and Idlib.

06 February 2020
Erdogan blackmailing on the recent developments of Syria!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish president Receb Tayib Erdogan during speech at parliamentary session of this country, announced his dissatisfaction from recent developments in Syria.

04 February 2020
Tonight, the roads leading to the Turkish borders

Thousands of people in the Idlib region, after increasing the scope of operation and advances of Syrian army in Idlib province against terrorists, have moved toward Turkish border, due to escaping from the war and widespread bombardments.

04 February 2020
Casualties of Turkish Army in Idlib, Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish army published photos of seven troops who were killed due to Syrian army bombing west of Saraqeb, Idlib province.

03 February 2020
Turkish Soldier Killed in Idlib Province

ISWNews Analysis Group: Six Turkish soldiers have been killed and nine injured in shelling by Syrian government forces near Saraqeb in north west of Syria.

02 February 2020
Turkey’s escape from the “Maar Hattat” and the construction of new military posts in Saraqeb

In recent days, with the advance of Syrian Army forces in north of Khan Sheikhun and south of Maarat al-Numan, the Turkish military post in Maar Hattat got on the verge of complete siege. But following the operation, Turkish forces abandoned the post and the Syrian Army completely took over the base.