15 October 2019
Images: Russian Military Police in Manbij

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, after the withdrawal of US troops from the Manbij city and its vicinity, the Manbij area is in full control of the Syrian Army.

14 October 2019
Images: Syrian Army’s arrival at Ayn Issa in north of Raqqa and south of Tal Abiad
14 October 2019
East Euphrates is slowly coming under the control of the Syrian Army!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Since last night, Syrian Army forces have been entering cities, villages and various parts of the eastern and western Euphrates one after another.

07 October 2019
Images: People of Raas al Ayn protests against recent Turkey threats to attack the eastern Euphrates.
07 October 2019
Images: US forces withdrawing from Raas al Ayn and Tal Abyad

Speaking to the Kurds a few days ago, Walid Muallim said, “I tell our Kurdish brothers not to be deluded by the American promises.”

07 October 2019
‘Kayhan’ Radar Spotted in Persian Gulf Shores

The ‘Kayhan” Radar is an early-warning radar capable of detecting distance, angle and direction and radial velocity of targets.

04 October 2019
Images: Unveiling Iran Army Ground Forces Achievements in Tehran

ISWNews Analysis Group: Iran Army Ground Forces held an exhibition on Wednesday unveiling their new achievements in Tehran.

02 October 2019
Map: Latest Military Situation on Kitaf Front, Northeast of Saadah Province

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to Yemeni Armed Forces, in the second stage of operation ‘Nasr Min Allah'(victory from God) in northeast of Saadah province, about 150 km2 of area were liberated from Saudi coalition occupation.

01 October 2019
New Details of ‘Nasr Min Allah’ Operation Explained by General Yahya Al Sari + Images

ISWNews Analysis Group: Tonight Gen. Yahya Al Sari, spokesperson of Yemeni Armed Forces, in a press conference talked about new aspects of AnsarAllah’s second stage of ‘Nasr Min Allah'(victory from God) operation in north of Saadah

01 October 2019
Iran’s Chief Of Staff: “We Are Helping Yemeni Army”

ISWNews Analysis Group: Major General Mohammad Bagheri the Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces of Iran confirmed that Iran helping Yemeni Army to fight against the foreign aggressions.

30 September 2019
AlQaem-AlBukamal border crossing reopened after five years

ISWNews Analysis Group: Finally, after five years and the return of security to the Iraqi and Syrian border areas, the important border crossing of Al-Qaim-Al-Bukamal was reopened for public use.

29 September 2019
Saudi Forces Linked to Al Qaeda!

Documents found in Saudi forces after ‘Nasr Min Allah’ operation shows Saudi backed al-Fatah brigade linked to Al Qaeda.