31 May 2019
Hassan Soufan resigned from leadership of NFL!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Hassan Soufan on his Twitter announced his resignation from the leadership of the National Front and the Ahrar Al-Sham movement for specific reasons, stating that he would be in the war against the Syrian regime along with other revolutionary soldiers, without affiliation on any other factions or groups

31 May 2019
This Year the Day of the Quds is More Important Than Ever

Ayatullah Khamenei: The day of the Quds parade is defending Palestine by people presence. This year the parade is more important than ever due to treacheries that some are doing in the region following US to legitimatize the “Deal of the Century” ; which won’t happen though and US and its followers will be defeated certainly in this issue. 29/05/2019

30 May 2019
Saud Family; Iranophobia Project in Mecca

ISWNews Analysis Group: Saudi Regime in Mecca summit holds a show of Ansar Allah’s drones and missiles wreckages.

29 May 2019
Haftar Delivers a Superterrorist to Egypt!

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Libyan National Army handed the captured terrorist, Hisham Ashmawi, to the Egyptian authorities after a visit by the Egyptian intelligence chief with General Haftar in eastern Libya.

29 May 2019
Ansar Allah Qasef K2 Drone Attack to Al Anad Base Still Kills!

Major-General Naser Barwis of Mansour Hadi’s Army died from wounds received during January’s AnsarAllah Qasef K2 drone attack on the Al-Anad base.

28 May 2019
Iraq Security News
27 May 2019
IRGC Large-Scale Drone Drills in Persian Gulf

In military drill “To Jerusalem-1” by Iran Revolution Guardian Corps in March 2019 in Persian Gulf, a total of 50 domestically-built versions of the US RQ-170 Sentinel stealth drones and Shahed 129, 161 and 191 were used to collect intelligence and destroy targets.

27 May 2019
Heads of Terrorists in one Shot

Last night heads of terrorist groups Tahrir al Sham, Ahrar al Sham, Soqur al Sham, Jaish al Izzah and etc. in a rare event meet to find a way to stop Syrian Army advances.

27 May 2019
Syrian Army repelled HTS Attack to Kafr Nabuda

Minutes ago, with the withdrawal of the last militants from the vicinity of Kafr Nabuda, the militants attack completely defeated by the Syrian Army.

26 May 2019
Latest Updates on Yemen 26 May 2019

Latest news from Jizan, Taiz, Hudaydah and Baydah.

26 May 2019
Syrian Army entered Kafr Nabuda!
26 May 2019
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