31 January 2020
Image: Gaza people protesting Trump’s Deal of the Century

Gaza people protests against US and Israeli plan in the towns of Khan Younis, Rafah, Beit Hanoun, al-Maghazi camp and Bridj.

31 January 2020
Photo: Yemeni people demonstrating against the deal of the century

ISWNews Analysis Group: People of different provinces demonstrated against the deal of the century and in support of Palestine resistance.

31 January 2020
Image: Khan Tuman after libeartion
31 January 2020
Map: Latest updates on southwest of Aleppo and Khan Tuman

There is not any change in the situation of the frontier line and incidents regarding yesterday and also Khan-Tuman and Khaledieh is still under controlled by the resistance forces.

28 January 2020
Image: People fleeing the Aleppo and Idlib conflict zones

As the Syrian Army operations intensify in Idlib and western Aleppo provinces, as well as increasing artillery and air strikes against the Tahrir al-sham positions, locals are fleeing toward the Turkish border and calmer areas to avoid war.

27 January 2020
Map: Latest military situation in the Idlib province; SAA cut M5 highway north of Maarat al-Numan

The Syrian Army liberated the villages of Maar Shorin and Zaalana in the northeast of Maarat al-Numan, and then crossed the Aleppo-Damascus highway, and the villages of al-Dana and Babila came under the control of the Syrian Army. Earlier this morning, the village of Sawami’h was also liberated from militants occupation.

24 January 2020
Images: Million man march in Iraq against the US presence
22 January 2020
Terrorists of Baghdad Airport!

The gentlemen behind the negotiating table are the same terrorists of the Baghdad airport. Ayatollah Khamenei, 17 Jan 2020

20 January 2020
Leader of Ansar Allah presented martyr Soleimani’s family a Yemeni dagger

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ibrahim Muhamed al-Deilami, Yemeni ambassador to Iran visited family of martyr general Soleimani in Tehran.

20 January 2020
Did Ansar Allah attack al-Nasr base in Marib?

Analyzing recent developments in Yemen and investigating missile attack on Saudi coalition base in Marib

18 January 2020
Iran’s Leader Attend Friday Prayer for the first time after 8 years + Images

Imam Khamenei in his Friday prayer sermons while elaborating on recent events, spoke about the importance of the Quds Force, strengthening Resistance Axis and promoting the school of martyr Soleimani and martyr Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

18 January 2020
Yemen: Saudi coalition attacks repelled in Nihm front

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to a spokesperson of Yemeni armed forces, Ansar Allah repelled heavy attacks of Saudi-led forces in Nihm front in Sanaa province.