23 December 2019
Map Update: Latest Military Situation in Southern Idlib, 22 December 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Syrian Army liberated Al-Teh, Maysarunah and Tahtaya from HTS terrorists in southern Idlib province.

22 December 2019
Map Update: Latest Military Situation in South of Idlib Province

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the Syrian Army advances in south of Idlib province new area such as Farwan, Kersenti, Qarati and Saqi’ah were liberated.

21 December 2019
Syria: Terrorist attack to Homs oil infrastructure

ISWNews Analysis Group: Oil Minister of Syria with a team of experts visited the damages of oil infrastructure.

15 December 2019
Why Muqtada Sadr Visits Iran?

Visiting Iran numerous times and Sadr’s strange activities in Qom is the highlight of these days of Iraq. Considering the bad timing for his behaviors bring up some questions.

13 December 2019
Image : Hamas 32th anniversary in the Gaza Strip

ISWNews Analysis Group: Today is the 32th anniversary of the formation of the Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement, where the Palestinian people marched on this occasion in the Gaza Strip.

08 December 2019
Attacking Headquarter of Forces Close to Iran Near Al-Bukamal; From Lie to Truth

ISWNews Analysis Group: According pro-opposition media, last night unknown planes attacked near Al-Bukamal town and some of forces close to Iran were killed.

08 December 2019
Details of LNA warplane Shot Down by GNA, Photo + Footage

ISWNews Analysis Group: Yesterday a Mig-23 warplane belonged to Libya National Army was shot down by Government of National Accord over Zawiyah town.

07 December 2019
Zarif’s Heart of Matter Told to Europeans

Mr. Zarif, Iran’s FM, criticized Europeans’ logic in a tweet

04 December 2019
The Yemeni National Resistance Collapse!

ISWNews Analysis Group: In the recent clashes between Tariq Saleh and Tihamah forces in al-Khokha, several forces of both sides killed and injured.

04 December 2019
Image: Martyr Ayatullah Hakim Shrine in Najaf After Recent Riots

In recent days some rioters attacking Ayatullah Hakim’s shrine in Najaf tried to sabotage and set it on fire which faced protectors of shrine and the increased damages were prevented.

03 December 2019
Kurds and Russians Agreement on Russian Forces Deployments in East of Euphrates

Mazloum Abdi, terrorist commander of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), tweeted in Russian yesterday that SDF and Russia agreed on Russian forces Deployments in east of Euphrates.

02 December 2019
Images: Two Cousins in UAE!

While Iraq is going through difficult days, Nechirvan Barzani Chief of Kurdistan Iqlim and Masrur Barzani Chief of local government of Iqlim, who are cousins, traveled to Abu Dhabi by UAE’s invitation for the second time in recent month.