30 May 2019
Video | The Hunting of Saudi Coalition’s Armored Vehicles Around the City of Qatabah by Ansar Allah Forces

The military situation has not changed in Qatabah city and engagements continue in the northwestern and western parts of Qatabah.

30 May 2019
Video | Several Explosions in Iraq’s Kirkuk

ISWNews Analysis Group: Minutes ago 6 explosions happened in Kirkuk. 6 martyrs and 19 wounded so far, official said.

30 May 2019
Video | Palestine Will Be Liberated!
29 May 2019
Video | The Precise Artillery Operations of Syrian Army Against the Equipment and Positions of Terrorists in Kafr Nabuda

Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA) released a new video of recent battles in Kafr Nabudah, northwest of Hama, in which shows parts of the Syrian army’s artillery operations against armored vehicles, rocket launchers, anti-tank rocket launchers, trenches and terrorist positions in the area.

27 May 2019
Launching Qiam-1 missile from a secret ‘underground city’ facility.

Location unknown

25 May 2019
Syrian War Report – May 22, 2019: Army Is Repelling Large Militant Attack On Kafr Nabudah

Army Is Repelling Large Militant Attack On Kafr Nabudah

25 May 2019
Equipping Terrorists in Syria with the Most Advanced Tools!

Images released from Kafr Nabuda battle shows clearly how Tahrir al Sham terrorists are equipped by Turkey with high tech equipment and armament.

24 May 2019
Syrian Air Force Accurate Operation Against HTS in Idlib

According to Syrian sources, Syrian Army’s warplanes after receiving intelligence regarding terrorists of Tahrir al Sham, Sayf Banish and Abu Khaled Talhyh groups meeting in Taftnaz airport, attacked the location in the area.

23 May 2019
Al Masirah TV released footage of Ansar Allah drone attack to Abu Dhabi airport.

It shows at least two Samad-3 drones attacking Abu Dhabi airport Terminal 1.

23 May 2019
Video | Footages of attacking Kafr Nabuda from Tahrir al Sham terrorists’ camera

Tahrir al Sham media released footages of “Asaib al Hamra” (Red Group) attack, which is an elite and pioneer unit of Tahrir al Sham.

23 May 2019
Video | A glimpse of what children in Yemen face after 4 years of the US-Saudi airstrikes.
23 May 2019
Video | Heavy airstrikes and artillery fire on Kafr Nabuda by Syrian Army and RuAF

The Scorched-earth policy is being implemented! Will the Syrian army again attack the city to capture it?