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Saturday, 18 September 2021 - 18:56

Video: Why true believers do not surrender?!

By God, if we turn into scattered particles in the air it is more honorable and beloved to us than to surrender to all those wicked, corrupt criminals and arrogant tyrants on earth!

Monday, 24 May 2021 - 14:41

Video: The Moment of CH-4 Drone Shot Down by AnsarAllah

The CH-4 drone is made in China and is similar to the American MQ-9 drone, capable of carrying 250 kg bombs and flying for up to 40 hours and a range of up to 5,000 km. This is the seventh drone to be shot down by Ansar Allah during the Yemeni war. Ansar Allah shot […]

Sunday, 23 May 2021 - 12:23

Video: Gaza reconnaissance combat drone

The Gaza drone, capable of carrying 13 bombs and 500 kilograms of equipment, as well as 35 hours of flight up to a radius of 2,000 kilometers, is capable of carrying out a variety of combat and intelligence operations.

Thursday, 13 May 2021 - 17:30

Video: Palestinian resistance unveils new drone!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, released a video announcing the use of a new suicide drone called “Shahab” in its recent operations.

Monday, 26 April 2021 - 23:43

Video: CNN upside down report on battle of Marib!

In this report, the CNN reporter went to Yemen and the battlefield of Marib and prepared a report that is miles away from the field realities! The summary of the report: 1- Houthis (AnsarAllah) attacked Marib.2- Houthis (AnsarAllah) constantly threat civilians by rockets and missiles.3- The army (Mansour Hadi’s forces) preoccupied and are weakened and […]