07 February 2018
First Public Trial for Injustice Against Rohingya People

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The first public trial for injustice against Rohingya people will be held in Imam Sadigh University on 26 February 2018.

19 September 2017
ISIS is planning, this time for Myanmar

According to the news and analytics outlet of Islamic World News the members of the ISIS terrorist group are recruiting forces in Malaysia to operate in Myanmar, quoting from

12 September 2017
The disaster in Myanmar marks the death of Nobel Peace Prize!

At the beginning of his Dars-e-Kharej this morning, Imam Khamenei stated:
Perpetrators of the Myanmar genocide are in its government led by a cruel woman who happens to be a Noble Peace Prize laureate!

06 September 2017
Reaction of AbdolMalek Badroddin to crimes against Muslims of Myanmar

AbdolMalek Badroddin Hothi, leader of AnsarAllah: we express our sympathy to Muslims of Burma (Myanmar) and condemn crimes against them.

29 August 2017
Myanmar Security Forces Killed About 100 Rohingya Muslims – Reports

Since Friday, Myanmar soldiers have reportedly killed a large number of Rohingya Muslims under a pretext of responding to attacks against the country’s border posts.

18 July 2017
Here is Myanmar ! Innocent people being murdered just because they are muslims …
02 July 2017
Myanmar to deny entry to UN staffers investigating plight of Rohingya Muslims

Myanmar says it will refuse entry to the members of a United Nations fact-finding mission tasked with investigating allegations of crimes by Myanmar’s security forces against Rohingya Muslims. Kyaw Zeya, a permanent secretary at Myanmar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the government would not grant visas to the UN staffers. “If they are going to […]