21 June 2020
Latest Updates on Kashmir, 20 June 2020

Latest news of clashes between Indian troops and Kashmiri militants

09 June 2020
Latest updates on Kashmir 8 June 2020

Latest news of clashes between Indian Army and Kashmiri groups

23 May 2020
Latest Updates on Kashmir, 23 May 2020 (Map Update)

The latest news of clashes between Indian Army and Kashmiri rebels

20 May 2020
Latest Updates on Kashmir, 20 May 2020

The latest news of the recent clashes between Indian army and Kashmiri groups

17 May 2020
Kashmir and the Mujahedin Party

Knowing the Mujahedin party and examining the Kashmir updates after the clashes between the Indian army and this group

08 May 2020
Indian Warplanes Downed Near the Pakistani Border

ISWNews Analysis Group: A Mig-29 of Indian Army this morning crashed into the ground in the city of Hoshyarpor of Punjab province.

30 April 2020
Opinion: How is the relation between Afghanistan and India?

India sees Afghanistan as a trustworthy neighbor and an economical opportunity in recent years which resulted in extensive investment in Afghanistan by India under US. green light.

12 March 2020
Roots of violence against Muslim Indians

Muslim Indians are experiencing critical condition in India. Trump the gambler, intrigued the hibernated discrimination in India again which resulted in grieve for tens of Muslims.

09 March 2020
Indian government accuses the police force for violence against Muslims!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Indian state ministry in its initial report about Muslims protests and genocide in New Delhi, considers police of capital responsible for the incident.

05 March 2020
Leader of Iran’s Islamic revolution decried Muslim Indian genocide

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ayatullah Khamenei decried Muslim Indian genocide.

03 March 2020
India summons Iran’s ambassador!

ISWNews Analysis Group: India’s foreign ministry in a brazen move summons Iran’s ambassador due to Mr Zarif’s recent tweet about India.

29 February 2020
Indian Muslims intensified protests

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the protests and street fights of Indian Muslims with government forces so far 40 people were killed and hundreds injured.