Latest Updates on Karabakh Clashes, 30 September 2020 (Map Update)

Wednesday 30 September 2020 - 20:29

ISWNews Analysis Group: The conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia is in the third day and the front lines are unchanged.

– Azerbaijani media claimed that Azerbaijani forces had destroyed the Armenian S-300 air defense system, which had been moved from Yerevan to Stepanakert area. On the other hand, Armenian sources denied this claim. Azerbaijani media have not yet published any video or image to prove this claim.

– Proclaims by both side on imposing heavy casualties:
Armenia and Azerbaijan claimed to impose heavy damage and loss to other side’s forces and armored vehicles, whiles these numbers are clearly exaggerated.
Azerbaijan defense ministry claims that 2,300 Armenian soldiers are killed and injured, 130 tanks and AFVs, 200 artillery and batteries, 25 air defense systems, 6 command post, 5 ammo warehouse, 50 anti tank guns and 55 vehicles of Armenian army were destroyed. Armenia defense ministry claims that 790 Azerbaijani forces killed and 1,900 injured, and 7 helicopters, 137 tanks and AFVs and 72 drones of Azerbaijan were destroyed.

– Latest updates on conflicts in Fuzuli area, south of Nagorno-Karabakh, are controversial. Azerbaijan claims to have advanced to Fuzuli town but Armenia rejected. No reliable image has been released by Azerbaijan from advances in south of Fuzuli.

– In the last three days, Turkish planes flights to Baku have increased. One of these flights was a direct flight from Tripoli, Libya to Baku, and there are speculations that Turkey’s Syrian mercenaries transferred from Libya to Azerbaijan. In recent months and days, the transfer of Turkish mercenaries from northern Syria to Azerbaijan and the publication of images of their presence on social media has become viral.

– Based on field information from Idlib and Aleppo, the death of 9 Syrian forces on the Karabakh fronts has been confirmed. This is the first time that the statistics of Turkish mercenary casualties in Azerbaijan are published. Assuming this information is correct, the presence of Syrian militants on the front lines of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh is confirmed.

– According to the Armenian Ministry of Defense, Armenian forces destroyed 12 Azerbaijani tanks in the last 24 hours.

– Heavy bombardment of the positions of the Armenian forces in Hardut by the Azerbaijani artillery.

– According to the video published by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, 4 tanks of the Armenian army were targeted by Azerbaijani suicide drones.

– Heavy clashes continue on the Terter-Madagis-Talesh axis in the north of the Nagorno-Karabakh region between the forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

– Iran’s defense systems shot down another drone near Aslanduz inside Iran.

– According to the Azeri media, the pilot of Armenian warplane, which was shot down yesterday, managed to eject and was captured alive by Azerbaijani forces.

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