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Saturday 30 December 2023 - 12:42

Fire Erupts At Israeli-US Company In Uzbekistan (Video)

According to Russian journalist Andrei Serynko, one of the facilities of the Israeli company Saxovat Broiler caught fire due to sabotage by unidentified individuals. According to the report, four unidentified persons damaged the heating system of one of the poultry farm sheds of the Israeli company Saxovat Broiler in Tashkent, setting the shed on fire on December 21.

Saturday 16 July 2022 - 09:54

Reviewing the consequences of the conflict between Eastern and Western powers in Central Asia

The continuation of protests in Kazakhstan, the economic and security crisis in Afghanistan, the suppression of popular protests in Badakhshan province of Tajikistan, the protests of the autonomous region of Karakalpakstan, and the high volume of sending military aid to the countries of the Central Asian region show the attention and competition of the western and eastern powers in this region.