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Thursday 28 May 2020 - 12:15

Latest location of Iranian Tankers in Caribbean Sea

– The Forest oil tanker docked in the Paraguaná Refining Complex (Amuay) on May 27 amid a warm welcome from Venezuelans. – The Petunia oil tanker is sailing in the Venezuela’s territorial waters approaching the designated refinery to deliver its cargo. – The Faxon oil tanker reached the Venezuelan territorial waters.

Thursday 28 May 2020 - 12:06

Opinion: Iranian Tankers Pass Through US Sanctions Wall

The arrival of Iranian tankers carrying gasoline to Venezuela amid the US threats and cry, in addition to the economic achievements that is in fact made by passing through the US sanctions wall, once again defeated the US empty hegemony especially after Iran’s missile attacks on the Ain al-Assad base.

Tuesday 26 May 2020 - 18:52

Latest location of Iranian Tankers in Caribbean Sea

– The Forest tanker is heading west and likely to Amuay Refinery. – The Petunia tanker is in north of Trinidad and Tobago, approaching Venezuelan territorial waters. – The Fortune tanker has moored at the El Palito refinery since yesterday.

Friday 22 May 2020 - 00:18

Latest location of Iranian Tankers in Atlantic Ocean

Following the Venezuelan Defense Minister’s remarks about Iranian tankers, the USS Detroit & other 3 US warships have moved toward east of the Caribbean Sea and near the Venezuelan waters. The warships turned off their transponders after the departure.