Latest Military Situation in South of Karabakh, 26 October 2020 (Map Update)

Monday 26 October 2020 - 15:37

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Azerbaijani army managed to clear the village of Qobadli, the center of Qobadl district(rayon) and several other villages in the south of Karabakh region from the Armenian forces.

Spokesman of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, Ilham Aliyev announced that Azerbaijani forces took control of the villages of Birinci Alibeyli, Ikinci Alibeyli, Rebend, Yenikend in the Zangilan district(rayon) and Govshudlu, Sofulu, Dag Mashanli, Kurdler, Hovuslu, Chelebiler in the Jabrayil district(rayon) and Padar, Efendiler, Yusifbeyli, Chaytumas, Khanlig, Sariyatag, Mollaburhan in in the Qobadli district(rayon) in the south of Karabakh region.

These areas came under the control of Azerbaijani forces yesterday and today.

Among the announced villages, as usual, a number of them had fallen to the Azerbaijani forces in the past and in previous operations, and their names have been announced again.

The Azerbaijani people have also reacted to the announcement of repeated names in the recent war with Armenia and demanded greater transparency of the situation. The people of Azerbaijan have become sensitive to the news of the death toll in the recent war and consider the government statistics in this regard to be inaccurate.
On the other hand, the government of Azerbaijan called the news published on social pages fake, and according to the latest information, those who, according to the Azerbaijani government, publish fake news, have been summoned to court and fined up to 150 manats.

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that 5,000 people had been killed in the recent war on both sides, of which about 2,000 belonged to the Azeri side and about 3,000 to the Armenian side.

In the map you see, the progress made since the beginning of the battles fromt September 27 is marked in yellow and the progress of the last two days is marked in blue.

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