Central Asia & Pacific
25 March 2020
Terrorist attack to Sikh temple in Kabul

ISWNews Analysis Group: Unknown individuals attacked Sikhs temple in Kabul and took hostage all the people in it, roughly 200 persons.

24 March 2020
Mike Pompeo’s unexpected trip to Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: Mike Pompeo, foreign minister of USA terrorist government, entered Kabul in an unexpected trip.

23 March 2020
Latest updates on Afghanistan, 22 March 2020
18 March 2020
Video: Australian Special Forces crimes in Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Australian ABC network unveiled a documentary on Australian Special Forces crimes in Afghanistan.

18 March 2020
Rahmatullah Nabil disclosed the plan to divide Afghanistan

Summary of Nabil speech, Afghan politician, regarding recent incidents of Afghanistan

16 March 2020
Negative effect of the Afghanistan crisis on US-Taliban negotiations

In the continuing of the crisis after the Afghanistan presidential election and the confrontation between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, the newest controversial issue of these days has been the assigning of negotiation board with the Taliban.

14 March 2020
Saudi coalition oil war with Russia

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the oil ear between Saudi Arabia and Russia, UAE increased its oil production.

12 March 2020
Office of the chief executive of Afghanistan is abolished!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ashraf Ghani in a command abolished office of the chief executive of Afghanistan and called any order or communication of Abdullah Abdullah is invalid.

12 March 2020
Roots of violence against Muslim Indians

Muslim Indians are experiencing critical condition in India. Trump the gambler, intrigued the hibernated discrimination in India again which resulted in grieve for tens of Muslims.

11 March 2020
Opinion: Azerbaijan’s public opinion regarding Syria war

It is about 30 years since Azerbaijan is independent. The demographic of this country is a mixture of Russian, Iranian and Turkish.

10 March 2020
Who is Afghanistan’s Abdullah Abdullah?

Abdullah Abdullah on Monday organised a parallel inaugural ceremony in the capital, Kabul, after the incumbent Ashraf Ghani was sworn-in for his second term as president triggering a fresh political crisis.

10 March 2020
US forces number decreasing started in Afghanistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: Sonny Leggett, US forces spokesperson in Afghanistan reported of starting to reduce number of forces in Afghanistan.