Russian, Syrian Troops Repel Mock Attack On Tartus Naval Base (Video)

Saturday 8 June 2024 - 17:27

In a show of military might, Russian and Syrian forces have successfully repelled a simulated attack on the Tartus Naval Base on the Mediterranean coast of Syria, as part of an ongoing joint exercise in the Arab country.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the troops utilized air defense systems to intercept suicide drones and destroy unmanned surface vessels during the mock assault on the strategic naval facility.

The enemy used combat drones and uncrewed surface vessel (USV) to disable the port and infrastructure of military facilities, the ministry said in a statement, noting that Russian and Syrian air defense units have hit targets imitating UAVs with Verba and Strela-10 man-portable SAMs [surface-to-air missiles].

The Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile system crews, along with the crews of the Cadet anti-sabotage ship of the Black Sea Fleet and small missile vessels of the Syrian Navy, were also involved in the successful defense of the port.

Additionally, Bastion coastal missile systems were deployed to repel a simulated attack from the sea by enemy surface vessels, the ministry added.

The joint exercise, which commenced on June 5, aims to practice defending Syria’s territorial integrity and covers the country’s airspace, territory, and the eastern section of the Mediterranean Sea.

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