02 January 2020
Shaikh Ibrahin Zakzaki’s dire situation

ISWNews Analysis Group: Shaikh Zakzaki’s daughter in the rally of Hawza Tullab in Tehran informed of his dire situation.

05 December 2019
Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky Is Imprisoned

ISWNews Analysis Group: Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, leader of Nigerian Islamic Movement, sentenced to jail by Nigerian court.

03 December 2019
Video: Boko Haram!
20 October 2019
Boko Haram Attacks on Nigerian Army

ISWNews Analysis Group: In recent attacks by Boko Haram to Nigerian Army in northern regions, 14 Nigerian soldiers were killed.

10 September 2019
Attack on Hussein’s Mourners in Nigeria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Nigerian government forces attacked Hussein’s (AS) mourning ceremonies and martyred and injured dozens of Nigerian oppressed Shiites.

29 July 2019
Massacring a Village in North of Nigeria by Boko Haram

ISWNews Analysis Group: Boko Haram massacred 65 and injured 10 in an attack to a village near Maiduguri town, northeast of Nigeria who were gathering to moan.

17 July 2019
ISIS in Africa

ISIS coming from Iraqi al Qaeda at the beginning was limited to vast areas in Syria and Iraq. After being defeated from Islamic Resistance, it is active in other parts of Islamic world from Yemen to North Africa and Middle Asia. Thus two possibilities are considered regarding ISIS future activity domain: Afghanistan and Africa.
That Africa has a better situation for ISIS compared to Afghanistan.

02 February 2019
Boko Haram Deadly Attack on Rann

According to Amnesty International, at least 60 people were killed in a “devastating” attack on the northeastern Nigeria border town of Rann by Boko Haram. The attack took place on January 28.

27 January 2019
FreeZakzaky Protests

Peaceful FreeZakzaky protest held today at Katsina State; 1000’s called for the freedom of Sheikh Zakzaky and
his wife.

13 December 2018
Satellite Images of Sheikh Zakzaky compound and Zaria Husainiyah Before and After Destruction + Sheikh Zakzaky Last Call with an Iranian Official

In his last phone call recorded from him, he says the house is under siege and Nigerian Army troops are firing at the house and he can’t leave the house.

13 December 2018
The 3rd anniversary of the Zaria massacre and the arrest of Nigerian Shiite leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky

On December 12, on a day like this 3-years ago soldiers massacred over 350 men, women & children when they stormed Husainiyyah compound of Islamic Movement in Nigeria(IMN) in Zaria and arrested the Nigerian Shiites leader.

31 October 2018
Nigeria’s Arbaeen death toll rises

According to the latest information, the martyrs of the Nigerian Army’s attack on Arbaeen pilgrims raised to 45 people.