Will we see an alliance of the Muslim Brotherhood of Jordan and Iran?

Damir Nazarov
Author:Damir Nazarov
Saturday 22 June 2024 - 16:06

Against the background of the epic in the Gaza Strip, where the forces of good (Palestinian resistance) and evil (Zionism with international support) collided, the situation in the predominantly Sunni part of the Ummah is overshadowed, where, apart from useless rallies and populist statements, nothing serious is happening.

Here, it is worth paying attention to Jordan, which the spokesman for the al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Ubaida, has repeatedly noted as an important strategic pillar of the Palestinians.

It all started with a statement by Abu Ali al-Askari (spokesman for Kataeb Hezbollah – Iraq), in which the Iraqi resistance expressed its willingness to train 12,000 Jordanians to participate in the resistance to the Zionists. Earlier, the authorities of the Hashemite autocracy arrested three local residents on charges of smuggling weapons to the West Bank, after which Hamas demanded the release of the detainees. Some authors and journalists were quick to point out the presence of local Ikhwan cells that oversee their actions with Hamas and Iran, but no one provided concrete evidence.

After these incidents, propaganda was organized in the pro-government media of the kingdom against local Ikhwans and Iran, both sides were attacked and accused of trying to “destabilize the country.” In an attempt to defuse tensions, the leader of the Islamic Action Front (the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood of Jordan), Murad al-Adaylah, pointed out that Jordan’s Ikhwans allegedly had no relations with Iran after 2011. In connection with the disagreements on Syria.

In my opinion, the head of the Ikhwans proceeded from two points. 1 – at the moment, his main task is to prevent a confrontation with the regime of Abdullah II, so as not to return to a situation in which the Brotherhood of Jordan will be banned. 2 – due to the small number of seats that the “hawks” of the movement gained in the recent internal vote of the Muslim Brotherhood, the party’s agenda remained moderate, which means that one should adhere to relative conformity and voice narratives convenient for the regime.

In any case, all the justifications for the weak position of the Jordanian Brotherhood against the background of the genocide of the Gaza Strip look inappropriate, especially after Abu Ubaida’s calls to intensify resistance from Jordan to help occupied Palestine.

The most important question in this whole situation is, will the members of the Muslim Brotherhood of Jordan respond to Kataeb Hezbollah’s proposal to organize a common resistance to Zionism? Time will tell, but the fact that a younger generation has grown up among the Ikhwans dissatisfied with the dominance of the old conformists is a fact. As well as the fact that among all the branches of the brotherhood there is a strong pro-Hamas line that sees the allies of the Palestinian resistance as like-minded people.

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