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Author: Mehrab
20 April 2021

A Fortune in Afghanistan: Lithium Mines

Nawur is the largest district of Afghanistan with population of more than 120 thousand, most of which are Hazaras and Shiites which was safe from racial and religious discords and conflict. It lays in north of Ghazni province with a lithium mine in it.Oil and mine ministry of Afghanistan launched studies to investigate the possibility […]

Author: ISWNews
5 March 2021

Where is the US-Saudi relations heading?

The plot to assassinate Saudi critic and journalist Jamal Khashoggi ordered by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in October 2018, has become a tool for American politicians to take advantage of Al Saud.

Author: E.Hasani
4 March 2021

Behind the Curtain: The Transfer of American Troops From Iraq to Syria

In recent weeks, we have witnessed the transfer of US troops and equipment from Iraq to Syria. However, transfers between the two countries over the past year through illegal crossings was a recurring phenomenon but what happened to the US military in Iraq and the activities of terrorist groups in Syria will reveal the reason for these transfers.

Author: ISWNews
16 February 2021

Where Is the Yemen War Heading? Part 3

Analyzing stance and interests of US regarding ceasing the war and starting the negotiations and latest updates on different movements in Yemen.

Author: ISWNews
13 January 2021

What are the reasons and purposes of the Aden explosions?

On December 27, with the agreement of the Southern Transitional Council and representatives of Mansour Hadi, a new cabinet of the resigned Yemeni government was formed in the Saudi capital, and the members of the new cabinet were sworn before Mansour Hadi. The composition of the cabinet has been controversial since the Riyadh agreement, and its opponents have so far taken extensive measures to disrupt it, one of which is the numerous bombings in Aden.

Author: ISWNews
4 January 2021

Consequences of US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Examining the current relations and scenarios facing the Central Asian region after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan indicates the tumult period causing significant regional changes.