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Wednesday 5 October 22 - 11:05

Opinion: Iraqi Kurdistan has finally turned into a den of evil!

Since the 60s of the last century, the self-proclaimed Kurdistan has taken a course of cooperation with the colonialists to destroy neighboring Islamic countries. The first regional allies of the Barzani regime were the Zionists and the Turks, this story continues to this day, it seems that only two factors can eradicate the terrorist image […]

Tuesday 6 September 22 - 19:22

Why did a Syrian newspaper criticize Hamas?

Immediately after the battle of the “unity of squares”, the Syrian newspaper Al-Watan published an article titled “Hamas betrayed the resistance and responded to aggression with statements.” In the context of Hassan Nasr-Allah’s recent statements about the inevitable reconciliation between Hamas and Assad, the Syrians decided to criticize the leading Palestinian party. Why? Does official […]

Sunday 21 August 22 - 07:32

U.S. Expanding Central Asia Relations; Tajikistan on the Agenda!

The US-Tajikistan relations have entered a higher level of military and security cooperation after the change of government in Afghanistan and the recent unrest in Central Asian countries. Now it seems the US intends to create new bases in Central Asia by increasing military and security assistance to Emomali Rahmon’s government and cultural influence in Tajik society.

Wednesday 17 August 22 - 07:10

The battle of projects on Ukrainian blood

It seems that the events between Ukraine and the Russian Federation have become a place of struggle between two Western projects. It is known that Polish citizens now have a special status in Ukraine. We can say that Warsaw is on the way to becoming the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 2.0. The Kremlin reacted negatively to the […]

Sunday 14 August 22 - 07:13

Hamas is returning to Syria!

After reports of Hamas’ readiness to return to Syria, a number of experts from opposite sides (supporters of “against” the Hamas decision to return) expressed their opinion. Their first argument is based on the opinion that “the dictatorship of Syria is an outcast and they say any alliance with an isolated country will harm the […]

Saturday 16 July 22 - 09:54

Reviewing the consequences of the conflict between Eastern and Western powers in Central Asia

The continuation of protests in Kazakhstan, the economic and security crisis in Afghanistan, the suppression of popular protests in Badakhshan province of Tajikistan, the protests of the autonomous region of Karakalpakstan, and the high volume of sending military aid to the countries of the Central Asian region show the attention and competition of the western and eastern powers in this region.

Friday 8 July 22 - 06:56

Opinion: The Battle of Technological Structures

The war in Ukraine caused not just a crisis in international relations, it is a turning point for the whole history and those who claim that we are in the initial stage of the Third World War are right. The complexity of the situation lies in understanding the true sides of the conflict, since most […]

Thursday 23 June 22 - 17:59

Opinion: Hamas Surrounds the Zionists!

Representatives of the IRGC and Hezbollah regularly warned that military and political surprises await Zionism in future battles, it seems that the outlines of one of these surprises can be found already now. The beginning of the year marked new opportunities for Hamas, for example, it is no longer a secret that the leading Palestinian […]

Saturday 4 June 22 - 08:13

Erdogan’s invasion north of Aleppo; What will be the reaction of Syria?

After the Syrian war subsided and a period of unofficial ceasefire between Russia, Iran, the United States and Turkey in the north of the country passed, Erdogan rekindled the fire under the ashes by laying his hands on areas north of Aleppo. It was in late May that the Yeni Şafak newspaper revealed the intention […]

Friday 27 May 22 - 17:06

Erdogan does not abandon attempts to restore the Ottoman Empire

While the international community is busy with the events in Ukraine, Erdogan is again trying to play the Syrian card. Neo-Osman first decided to place millions of Syrian refugees in a “safe zone” on the border with Syria, and then threatened a “military operation against the PKK.”

Saturday 7 May 22 - 07:38

Opinion: Armies for the liberation of Al-Quds

In the last week of holy Ramadan, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasr-Allah said that at the moment “real armies are being built to liberate Jerusalem.” I will try to explain the statement of the leader of the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon, adhering to a purely personal point of view.

Saturday 23 April 22 - 09:02

Anbar is a new victim of Zionist intrigues

While the political crisis still reigns in Iraq, more and more talk about the coming “normalization” is leaking into the media. The so-called “recognition of Zionism” has reached such a stage that Iraq is in danger of disappearing as a country.