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Monday 25 March 2024 - 09:36

Opinion: Iraqi Separatism With A New Face

Amid the genocide of the Palestinians, disturbing news is coming from Iraq. Once again, reports are coming from the camp of Sunni politicians about the alleged “need” to create an “autonomous Sunni region.” Formally, the main actor in the call for separatism is Sheikh Thaer Al-Bayati, Secretary General of the Council of Arab Tribes and founder of the Salvation Front for Iraq, but experts say that the sudden activity of “Sunni regionalists” is connected with the secret activities of the former speaker of the Iraqi parliament, Muhammad Halbousi. The leader of the Taqadum party is remembered for his meeting with the sheikhs of Anbar in 2023, where plans for the separation of the province from Iraq were discussed.

Saturday 16 March 2024 - 10:05

Shift Of Policy By Islamic Resistance In Iraq; From Halting Attacks Against US To Increasing Operations Against Israel

In recent weeks, the attacks by the groups affiliated to the Islamic Resistance in Iraq against the positions of American occupiers in Syria and Iraq have been temporarily suspended for certain reasons, but the Iraqi resistance groups have intensified attacks against the positions of the Israeli regime in occupied Palestine. In this article, we intend to address the reasons behind this temporary cessation of attacks against the United States in Iraq.

Wednesday 6 March 2024 - 21:18

Results Of Ansar Allah’s Anti-Israel Operations; Reasons, Results Of US-UK Invasion Of Yemen

In addition to military casualties, the military operations of the Yemeni armed forces against the Israeli regime have put significant economic pressure on this regime. Therefore, due to pressure from Israeli lobbies around the world, US and UK military fleets have been stationed in the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea to defend Israel entity and interests, and are now conducting daily airstrikes against various areas in Yemen. Nevertheless, these coalition attacks on Yemen have not only failed to suppress the Yemeni army and Ansar Allah movement but have also increased the demands of the Yemeni people to stand against attacks and escalate tensions in the region.

Tuesday 20 February 2024 - 17:44

Will Rafah City Witness Extensive Israeli Incursion?

In recent days, the issue of the extensive attack by the Israeli regime’s army on Rafah city of the Gaza Strip and the related comments have become a hot topic in regional and international media outlets, raising the question of whether the Israeli army will initiate extensive operations against the Palestinian city.

Monday 19 February 2024 - 12:40

Hamas Has Already Surrounded The Zionists

It seems that the main terrorist of the planet, Netanyahu, has not been able to recover from the blow on October 7. Instead of admitting his failure, the BBC embarked on a losing gamble by launching an intervention in the Gaza Strip. As a result, the Zionists have disabled more than half of their “best […]

Wednesday 24 January 2024 - 08:50

What Is The Connection Between The Murder Of Saleh Al-Arouri And Jordan?

The beginning of the year according to the Gregorian calendar was overshadowed by the murder of the legendary Saleh al-Arouri, a prominent Hamas figure and one of the founders of the al-Qassam Brigade. Experts interpret this terrorist act of Zionism in different ways, some argue that the Zionists’ goal is to drag Lebanon into a […]

Wednesday 27 December 2023 - 16:45

Analysis Of Third Phase Of Israeli Army Operation In Gaza Strip

According to what the Israeli regime’s media outlets have reported so far, the third phase of the Israeli army operation in the Gaza Strip includes withdrawing from their positions in the northern areas of the Gaza Strip, continuing ground and air attacks, and creating a security buffer zone throughout the besieged region. However, Israeli military sources have discussed a phase of intelligence-security operations that raises many questions about the dimensions of the third phase.

Saturday 18 November 2023 - 15:30

Opinion: Key Fragments Of The “Al-Aqsa Storm”, Part One

Hamas’ special operation to awaken the Ummah exceeded all expectations. The Operation “Al-Aqsa Storm” (or Flood of Al-Aqsa) demonstrated in practice that the words of Hassan Nasr-Allah and Iranian officials that the Zionist colony is just a ”web” is an indisputable fact. The logic of Hamas’ actions had two key aspects, 1 – to show […]

Monday 6 November 2023 - 13:55

Resistance Forces Conduct Out Simultaneous, Unprecedented Attacks Against United States’ Positions In Region; War In Gaza Must Be Stopped!

Iraqi resistance forces have carried out six attacks against the United States’ positions in Syria and Iraq from the late hours of Sunday night until this morning. These attacks included an attack on Qasrok military base, east of the town of Tel Tamr, in northeastern Syria, another attack on Ain al-Asad air base in western […]

Monday 30 October 2023 - 21:37

Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Process Talks In Tehran After 31 Years!

The President of Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia have announced their readiness to resolve the long-standing issues between the two countries within the framework of 3+3 format (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Georgia, Turkiye and Russia) negotiations. The first meeting of this working group was held on October 23 in the Iranian capital Tehran. These negotiations are of great importance in determining the future of the Nagorno-Caucasus region, and each party discussed the level of meeting their demands at the negotiating table.