28 May 2020
Opinion: Iranian Tankers Pass Through US Sanctions Wall

The arrival of Iranian tankers carrying gasoline to Venezuela amid the US threats and cry, in addition to the economic achievements that is in fact made by passing through the US sanctions wall, once again defeated the US empty hegemony especially after Iran’s missile attacks on the Ain al-Assad base.

24 May 2020
Why the oil-rich country of Venezuela gets gasoline from Iran?!

Tomorrow will be another Eid but for Venezuela; because the first shipment of Iranian gasoline and Alkylat will arrive in Venezuela and will irrigating 1,800 hungry Venezuelan gas stations, and the sanctioned Venezuelan oil industry will be revived.

21 May 2020
Deal of the Century… No!
21 May 2020
What are the main reasons to ISIS reactivation in Iraq?

News of ISIS attacks on several parts of Iraq and confrontation between Hashd al-Shaabi (popular mobilization forces) against them have been a hot issue in eyes of Media and think tanks. A group which four years ago general Qasem Soleimani called its end as an “Honest Promise”. Haven’t been said that this group is no longer operational and have lost its organization? How this group is gaining power again?

17 May 2020
Kashmir and the Mujahedin Party

Knowing the Mujahedin party and examining the Kashmir updates after the clashes between the Indian army and this group

16 May 2020
Iranian tankers en route to Venezuela! To reach or not to reach that is the question!

Iranian tankers are slowly heading for Venezuela and US terrorist navy sent some warships to Caribbean Sea to stop them.

16 May 2020
Protests Resume in Iraq; But Why?!

The Iraqi people protests against corruption and the economic situation, has entered the new step after the Corona cold era. Whatever the origin of these protests is, it was surely accompanied with surfing some of Arabic countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE and also the Westerns and in top of them US. that were opponent of Iraqi Shiite government; and they pulled the peaceful (al-Selmiah)approach of these protests to a square for chaos and bloody clashes(al-Damawiah).

08 May 2020
Syria’s new oil deal with Iran and its important messages

Recently, the Syrian opposition media have claimed that the Syrian government has signed contract with Iranian companies for oil exploration operation in the Bukmal region in the Deir Ezzor province, that its publication in this time, raises many questions.

08 May 2020
I’m the Prime Minister of the Hard Times!

Five months after the Adel Abdul Mahdi resignation and the Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi and Adnan al-Zurfi failure, Mustafa al-Kadhimi succeeded to form the new government in Iraq.

04 May 2020
Opinion: What are the goals of the West-Arab axis to ignite the unrest in Lebanon?
02 May 2020
The roots of the recent unrest in Lebanon, Hassan Diab or political corruption?
01 May 2020
Opinion: What is Turkey seeking in Libya?