Shift Of Policy By Islamic Resistance In Iraq; From Halting Attacks Against US To Increasing Operations Against Israel

 ISWNews Analysis Group
Author: ISWNews Analysis Group
Saturday 16 March 2024 - 10:05

In recent weeks, the attacks by the groups affiliated to the Islamic Resistance in Iraq against the positions of American occupiers in Syria and Iraq have been temporarily suspended for certain reasons, but the Iraqi resistance groups have intensified attacks against the positions of the Israeli regime in occupied Palestine. In this article, we intend to address the reasons behind this temporary cessation of attacks against the United States in Iraq.

Since February 2, when the Islamic Resistance in Iraq targeted American positions at the Al-Harir Air base located in Iraq’s Erbil province in a drone attack, there has not been any strike against US terrorist forces in Iraq. This temporary ceasefire was implemented just three days after a visit by commander of the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Esmail Qaani to the Iraqi capital Baghdad and his meeting with Iraqi resistance commanders.

It is said that during a recent meeting with resistance commanders in Baghdad, Brigadiar General Qaani, while respecting the independent decision of the Iraqi resistance groups regarding halting or continuing attacks on US positions, presented clear and logical reasons for creating unity among Iraqi resistance groups and temporarily halting attacks against Americans, which was well received by the Iraqi resistance due to logical arguments and recommendations. The outcome of this meeting has led to the current calm situation.

Considering the serious pursuit of the plan to expel American military personnel from Iraq by the use of diplomatic means by Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani, it seems that after the request for mediation by the Iraqi prime minister, the commander of the IRGC’s Quds Force traveled to the Arab country to prevent from further escalating the recent tensions and reaching an unpredictable situation.

The behavior of Iraqi resistance groups indicates that although they have a negative view towards the process of the withdrawal of American forces through diplomatic means, they have conditionally given the Iraqi government a limited time to achieve a clear outcome.

After halting attacks against American forces and not responding to recent American attacks outside the battlefield, which prevented the erosion of Iraqi resistance capabilities and focus, qualitative attacks against positions of the Israeli regime in various occupied Palestinian areas have increased. In recent days, attacks have been carried out against the Israeli regime, showing that the focus of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq is on vital facilities and infrastructure of the regime in the occupied Palestine.

Nevertheless, by halting attacks and accepting a temporary ceasefire plan, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq has proven its goodwill, and now the ball is in Washington’s court. The movements and actions of the US regarding the issue of withdrawal from Iraq and also the situation on the battlefield in the Gaza Strip will have an impact on the nature and intensity of future actions by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq. Regarding the Israeli regime, it must be said that statements by senior officials of regional countries, resistance commanders, and some Western officials indicate that all parties are trying to prevent a widespread war; a matter that requires serious decisions and increased pressure on the Israeli regime to accept the conditions of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq and show readiness to agree a ceasefire in Gaza.

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