29 March 2020
Latest updates on Libya, 29 March 2020

Latest updates on Libyan National Army and Government of National Accord engagements

26 March 2020
Libya: GNA launch a new operation with support of Turkey

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Government of National Accord (GNA) have launched “Operation Peace Storm” against the Haftar forces (LNA) in south of Tripoli with support of Turkish Army.

25 March 2020
Photos of allegedly Turkish Army drone wreckage

ISWNews Analysis Group: Libyan National Army media, broadcasted photos of a drone wreckage shot down in south of Arqub area outskirts of Ajdabiya.

29 February 2020
Shooting down Turkish drone by LNA

ISWNews Analysis Group: Libyan National Army air defense shot down a Turkish drone in south of Tripoli.

24 February 2020
Turkish Troops Casualties in Libya + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish President Receb Tayib Erdogan confirmed death of Turkish troops in Libya in recent days.

21 February 2020
Latest Updates on Libya, 21 February 2020
19 February 2020
GNA canceled the participation in the Libyan negotiations

ISWNews Analysis Group: Government of National Accord (GNA) canceled its participation in the Libyan negotiations, due to the ceasefire violation by LNA.

18 February 2020
LNA bombing Tripoli harbor

ISWNews Analysis Group: Libyan National Army artillery bombed Tripoli harbor a few hours ago, a ship caught fire.

11 February 2020
Libyan National Army attack east of Tripoli

ISWNews Analysis Group: Despite the announced ceasefire in Libya, the Libyan National Army last night launched a heavy offensive in eastern Tripoli.

06 February 2020
A report on Syrian militants in Libya

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to sources in Libya, there are thousands of Syrian militants in Libya, some of whom are former members of terrorist groups such as al Nusrah, ISIS, etc.

04 February 2020
Latest updates on Libya, 4 February 2020

General Haftar signed a contract to buy six Chinese drones from Jordan.

03 February 2020
Latest Updates on Libya, 3 February 2020

The National Oil Company of Libya: Damage of the stopping oil exports in Libya have been 622 million dollars, so far.