Latest Military Map of Karabakh 22 Oct 2020, Azerbaijan control over the border line between Iran and Azerbaijan

Thursday 22 October 2020 - 23:48

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the Azerbaijani forces advances along the southern borders of the country and after controlling the Agbend border point; Azerbaijani forces took full control of the state border between Azerbaijan and Iran.

The President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, while announcing the complete domination of the Azerbaijani forces on the southern border of the country, congratulated the people of Azerbaijan and Iran on this success.

According to the information provided by Ilham Aliyev, 20 new villages and regions, including Mollaveli, Yuxari Refiddinli, Ashagi Refiddinli in the Fuzuli district and Sirik, Shikhlar, Mestelibeyli and Derzili in the Jabrayil district and Kollugishlag, Malatkeshin, Kend Zengilan, Genlik, Veligulubeyli, Garadere, Chopedere, Tatar, Tiri, Emirkhanli, Gargulu, Bartaz, Dellekli and Agbend in the Zengilan district in the south of Karabakh region came under the control of Azerbaijani forces.

Therefore, due to these advances, the Armenian forces generally lost control of the southern regions of Karabakh.

Currently, Azerbaijani forces are advancing in the Qobadli district. However, Ilham Aliyev in his latest report on the level of progress, has refused to announce the depth of the forces’ progress in Qobadli district.
But according to the available evidence, the Azerbaijani forces penetrated to the depths of Qobadli district and reached the village of “Kulbird” and are approaching the important area of Lachin and according to field information are only a few kilometers away from this target.

Azerbaijani forces in the Kulbird area – Geographical location Video on the map: Link
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