05 February 2020
UAE, broker for al-Burhan and Netanyahu meeting!

Washington Post gave more details about the secret meeting between Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, head of military council of Sudan, and Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Zionist regime, in Uganda.

27 January 2020
The rally of Sudanese in front of UAE embassy in Khartoum

ISWNews Analysis Group: Family of Sudanese soldiers deployed to Yemen and Libya wars gathered to protest in front of UAE embassy in Khartoum.

15 January 2020
Security forces coup in Sudan!

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Sudanese Army seized two headquarters of the intelligence forces after clashes in Khartoum.

15 December 2019
Yemen: Tariq Saleh Rewarding Sudanese Commander

ISWNews Analysis Group: Tariq Saleh rewarded Husein Manzul Hamdan Azraq, commander of al-Ashawis forces (Sudanese forces in Yemen), with medal of honor!

14 December 2019
Strange Verdict for Omar al-Bashir

ISWNews Analysis Group: Sudan court convicted Omar al-Bashir, former President of Sudan, to confiscation of assets and two years in rehabilitation center for financial corruption and money laundering allegations.

09 November 2019
Sudanese Soldiers Sent to Libya

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to UN report, Sudanese army sent soldiers to Libya under Saudi coalition.

06 November 2019
Video: Sudanese in Yemen War

Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman Maj. Gen. Yahya al-Sari recently revealed at a conference the death toll of Sudanese mercenaries in the Yemeni war and their presence on various fronts in Yemen. Watch this video for the latest situation of the Sudanese forces in Yemen. Download

03 November 2019
Sudanese Army in Yemen

From ambitious countries such as Saudi Arabia and UAE point of view, Sudan is a country that can be used specially to fill their army. Gen. Sari’ information given yesterday showed that the path that Sudan is going will end up in self destruction.

02 November 2019
Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson Press Conference Regarding Sudanese Situation in Yemen

ISWNews Analysis Group: Gen. Yahya Sari’, the spokesperson of Yemeni Armed Forces(loyal to Ansar Allah), explained the situation of Sudanese mercenaries and their casualties in Yemen.

30 October 2019
Sudan withdrew from Yemen

ISWNews Analysis Group: The head of the Sudanese Transitional Council has announced the withdrawal of 10,000 Sudanese troops from Yemen’s fronts.

25 July 2019
Sudanese Forces Withdraws From Yemeni Western Coast

According to latest news, Sudanese forces have partially withdrawn from three points in western coast of Yemen and Mansour Hadi’s forces deployed in the mentioned areas.

17 July 2019
ISIS in Africa

ISIS coming from Iraqi al Qaeda at the beginning was limited to vast areas in Syria and Iraq. After being defeated from Islamic Resistance, it is active in other parts of Islamic world from Yemen to North Africa and Middle Asia. Thus two possibilities are considered regarding ISIS future activity domain: Afghanistan and Africa.
That Africa has a better situation for ISIS compared to Afghanistan.