America & Europe
29 January 2020
Deal of the Century was unveiled!

ISWNews Analysis Group: The US president Donald Trump the Gambler and Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled Deal of the Century during a ceremony.

28 January 2020
Is Ayatullah Mike dead?

Is Michael D’Andre killed in Taliban attack on US military aircraft in Ghazni?

27 January 2020
Fabrication of the casualties of Ain al Assad in Afghanistan; US military plane crashes in Ghazni + Video

Few hours ago the news of an E-11A aircraft crash in Deh Yek, Ghazni province was broadcasted. It was stated that the aircraft was military and had between ten to 85 crew. However, the capacity of this model is about 20. Then Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban’s spokesperson took the responsibility in a statement.

23 January 2020
Brian Hook threatened General Qa’ani to assassination!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Brian Hook, US special representative for Iran and counselor of foreign ministry, threatened to assassinate general Qa’ani, commander of Quds Corps.

22 January 2020
Trump meeting with Barham Salih

ISWNews Analysis Group: Iraqi president, Barham Salih met with Donald Trump, the US president in Davos, Switzerland.

22 January 2020
Terrorists of Baghdad Airport!

The gentlemen behind the negotiating table are the same terrorists of the Baghdad airport. Ayatollah Khamenei, 17 Jan 2020

22 January 2020
Nichirwan Barzani met with Trump

ISWNews Analysis Group: Nichirwan Barzani, the head of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region met with Trump in Davos on 22 January.

21 January 2020
Trump’s lie revealing slowly! Casualties of Ain al Assad is revealing

ISWNews Analysis Group: US media released just a bit of casualties due to Iran missile attack to Ain al Assad.

20 January 2020
What happened in Berlin conference?

ISWNews Analysis Group: Participants of Berlin conference only stressed avoiding interference in the battles, without reaching any specific result.

18 January 2020
Germany’s red carpet for General Haftar!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Heiko Maas, German FM, met with General Haftar in Benghazi and asked him to participate in Berlin summit.

18 January 2020
Details of US troops presence in and leaving Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: General Abdul Karim Khalaf, spokesperson of Iraqi Armed Forces, talked about details of US troops presence and leaving Iraq.

16 January 2020
US Iraq joint operation resumed

ISWNews Analysis Group: American New York Times reported of resumption of USA Iraq joint operation.