Yemen Army Conducts Fresh Attack On Eisenhower Aircraft Carrier; Four More Ships Targeted

Sunday 2 June 2024 - 18:51

The Yemeni Armed Forces attacked the US Navy’s Eisenhower aircraft carrier, the USS Gravely destroyer, as well as three vessels belonging to the Israeli regime, using missile and drone strikes.

Brigadier General Yehya Saree, the spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, stated in an early morning statement that the new Yemeni Army attacks targeted the US-led coalition fleet and ships violating Yemen’s leadership directives, declaring:

In support of the oppressed Palestinian people and in response to the Israeli enemy’s crimes against the displaced people in the Rafah area of the Gaza Strip, and within the framework of expanding military operations in the fourth phase of escalation, as well as in response to the US and British attacks on our country; the naval, missile and drone units of the Yemeni Armed Forces, with God’s help, carried out the following six military operations:

– The US Eisenhower aircraft carrier was targeted for the second time in the last 24 hours, in the northern Red Sea, with a number of missiles and drones.

– A US destroyer (the USS Gravely) in the Red Sea was targeted and directly hit by several drones.

– Four other military operations were carried out against vessels belonging to companies that violated the order banning entry to the occupied Palestinian ports, including the ship Maina, which was targeted in two operations in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea.

– Another operation targeted the ship Al-Oraiq in the Indian Ocean, and a subsequent operation targeted the ship Abliani in the Red Sea. These operations, by the grace of God, were successful in attaining their objectives and achieved direct and accurate hits.

Brigadier General Saree concluded by stating that the Yemeni Armed Forces will continue their military operations in support of the oppressed Palestinian people and in confronting the US-UK aggression against Yemen that is in support of the Israeli enemy. He stressed that the operations will not stop until the aggression and siege against the people of Gaza are halted.

The terrorist US Central Command (CENTCOM) in the West Asia region also issued two statements regarding the recent Yemeni Armed Forces’ attacks. According to these statements, the Ansar Allah movement carried out four separate attacks on May 31 using a suicide drone in the Red Sea, a drone in the Gulf of Aden, three drones in the Red Sea, and two anti-ship ballistic missiles in the Gulf of Aden, without causing any casualties to the US naval fleet or other vessels.

CENTCOM also claimed that on June 1, US forces destroyed a Yemeni suicide drone in the southern Red Sea and observed the fall of two other drones, and responded to two anti-ship ballistic missiles fired at the USS Gravely destroyer in the southern Red Sea.

The vessel Maina is a bulk carrier sailing under the Maltese flag since 2016. This ship was en route from the port of Port Said in Egypt to India.

The vessel Al-Oraiq is a liquefied gas tanker that has been operating under the Marshall Islands flag since 2008. This ship was en route from the port of Ras Laffan to Italy.

The vessel Abliani is also a crude oil tanker that has been operating under the Maltese flag since 2015. The origin and destination of this ship are recorded as the Port Said and the Suez Canal in Egypt.

According to statistics of the IWN, the attacks declared by the Yemeni Armed Forces on Israeli, American-British coalition, and their affiliated ships, as mentioned in the latest statement by Brigadier General Yahya Saree, are the 96th to 101st official attacks carried out by the Yemeni Armed Forces in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Indian Ocean.

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