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Wednesday 5 June 2024 - 18:32

Iran Acting Foreign Minister Visits Syria To Strengthen Ties

Ali Bagheri Kani, Iran’s acting Foreign Minister, recently visited Syria, meeting with President Bashar al-Assad and officials from the resistance axis. This high-level diplomatic engagement underscores the deepening ties between Iran and Syria as they navigate the complex regional landscape.

Thursday 9 May 2024 - 10:09

Israeli Airstrikes Targets Damascus

According to a Syrian military source, “at around 03:20 (local time) on Thursday, the Israeli regime targeted some areas in the suburbs of Damascus from the occupied Syrian Golan. The Syrian air defenses succeeded in destroying a number of missiles. This attack caused material damage.” No further details published by the official authorities regarding the […]

Saturday 4 May 2024 - 19:08

ISIS Attack Leaves 13 Syrian Forces Martyred

Some 13 forces of the Syrian Arab army were martyred in the wake of an attack by elements of the terrorist group ISIS on the Al-Koum region located in the countryside of the city of Al-Sukhnah.