Iran Acting Foreign Minister Visits Syria To Strengthen Ties

Wednesday 5 June 2024 - 18:32

Ali Bagheri Kani, Iran’s acting Foreign Minister, recently visited Syria, meeting with President Bashar al-Assad and officials from the resistance axis. This high-level diplomatic engagement underscores the deepening ties between Iran and Syria as they navigate the complex regional landscape.

Bagheri Kani’s primary objective was to discuss the regional situation and explore ways to further strengthen the strategic partnership between the two countries. During his meeting with President Assad, the two sides reportedly exchanged views on the latest developments in the region and reaffirmed their commitment to continued cooperation in the face of common challenges.

Bagheri Kani also met and held talks with Major-General Kifah al-Milhem, Head of the Syrian National Security Bureau, on Tuesday during his visit to Syria.

A key focus of the discussions was the ongoing efforts to combat terrorism and foreign interference in the region. Iran and Syria have long been allies in the fight against extremist groups, and this visit provided an opportunity to coordinate their strategies and align their positions on regional security issues.

In addition to these meetings, Bagheri Kani also held talks with representatives of the resistance axis, including officials from Hezbollah and other allied groups. These discussions centered on enhancing the coordination and cooperation among the regional players who are united in their opposition to Western hegemony and Israeli aggression.

The visit comes at a critical juncture, as the region grapples with the consequences of the ongoing conflicts in parts of the West Asia region. Iran and Syria aim to present a united front against external interference and safeguard their national interests in the face of evolving regional dynamics.

During his negotiations with different Syrian officials, the Iranian acting foreign minister discussed the issue of Palestine, in particular resistance in the Gaza Strip.

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