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Saturday 1 June 2024 - 21:14

Latest Military Situation In Gaza Strip, June 01, 2024 (Map)

After two weeks of military operations and penetrating deep into Jabalia in the north of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupying forces have completely withdrawn from this area. As it was said before, the Israeli army never has the ability to clear, stabilize and establish a long-term presence in these areas, and the recent operations […]

Sunday 26 May 2024 - 19:43

Israeli Regime’s Army Advances In Rafah

Israeli forces have succeeded in advancing along with the Egyptian border line over the past days, especially in recent hours, and have taken control of the neighborhoods located in the south of the city of Rafah, including the Salah al-Din Gate and its surrounding areas.

Friday 17 May 2024 - 18:41

Latest Military Situation In Gaza Strip, 17 May 2024 (Map)

— In the north of the Gaza Strip, clashes continued in the east of the Jabalia camp between the Israeli occupation forces and the Palestinian fighters; But there has been no change in the military map. — In the south of the Gaza Strip, Israeli occupying forces have advanced towards the south of Rafah city […]

Thursday 25 April 2024 - 19:14

Armenia Returns 4 Occupied Villages To Azerbaijan

After new agreements reached at the eighth meeting of the border demarcation commissions between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Armenia, the Yerevan government returned the four disputed border villages in the Gazakh region to the government in Baku.

Monday 15 April 2024 - 20:37

Latest Updates On Palestine, 15 April 2024

During the 192nd day of the military clashes in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli regime’s army targeted various locations in this besieged strip. Palestinian resistance groups also launched attacks against the Israeli army.

Sunday 3 March 2024 - 09:25

Latest Military Situation In Mariinka Front (Map)

After about 10 days of fighting on the Mariinka-Georgiivka axis, the Russian army forces managed to advance a few hundred meters south of the Georgiivka reservoir. In this axis, the main parts of Georgiivka village are still under the control of the Ukrainian army. Also, in the last week, Russian forces advanced in the northern […]

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