Latest Military Situation In Gaza Strip, June 01, 2024 (Map)

Saturday 1 June 2024 - 21:14

After two weeks of military operations and penetrating deep into Jabalia in the north of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupying forces have completely withdrawn from this area. As it was said before, the Israeli army never has the ability to clear, stabilize and establish a long-term presence in these areas, and the recent operations of the Israeli regime in Jabalia lacked any strategic goals. The only goal that may have been achieved was more destruction and killing in Jabalia.

But in the south of the Gaza Strip in the Rafah axis, Israeli forces are slowly expanding their territories along the Egyptian border. During the last week, Israeli forces entered Tel Zaarab, the highest hill in the west of Rafah city. In the attack on Rafah, the Israeli army has adopted a strategy similar to the attack on Gaza City from the north. In the north of Gaza, the Israeli army slowly bypassed Gaza City using the coastal line, and in the next stages, from the east side, it cut off the Palestinian forces in the depth of Gaza. In Rafah, Israeli forces are slowly increasing the contact lines along the border, and probably in the next stages, with the addition of forces from the eastern axes, the Palestinian forces will be cut off in the center of Rafah.

On the other hand, there are whispers of the possibility of establishing a comprehensive ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, but nothing is certain yet and we have to wait.

Latest military situation in Gaza Strip
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