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Sunday 24 December 2023 - 10:19

Latest Military Situation In The Gaza Strip; 78th Day Of Battles (Map)

In the northern areas of the Gaza strip, scattered clashes continued along the axes of the Jabalia camp as well as around Al-Jalaa Street and Yarmouk Street. Also, Israeli forces carried out attacks against the areas of Al-Tuffah and Al-Daraj on Saturday. Based on field information, it appears that Israeli forces have withdrawn from some […]

Tuesday 19 December 2023 - 23:08

Latest Military Situation In The Gaza Strip; 74th Day Of Battles (Map)

The latest and most updated map of the military situation in the Gaza Strip; The 74th day of battles. During the last week, the Israeli army’s advances has slowed down and stopped in many fronts. In the north of the Gaza Strip, clashes continue in Shujaiyah neighborhood and Jabalia refugee camp and the remaining areas […]

Friday 15 December 2023 - 00:14

Latest Military Map Of The Gaza Strip; The 69th Day Of Battles

Clashes and battles continue in the north of the Gaza Strip in the areas of Sheikh Radwan, Jabalia refugee camp, Tal Zaatar and Shujaiyah, and in the south of the Gaza Strip in the areas of Bani Suheila, Al-Qarara and Khan Yunis City. Today, there was no significant change in the frontlines, and the military […]

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