Latest Updates On The Gaza Strip; 122nd Day Of Fighting; Khan Yunis On The Verge Of Complete Collapse!

Monday 5 February 2024 - 21:26

Review of the latest military situation in the Gaza Strip after 122 days of fighting.

In the south of the Gaza Strip, during the last two weeks, the Israeli occupying forces slowly advanced in the western and northern areas of the city of Khan Yunis, and this city was completely surrounded. Currently, most of Khan Yunis city is under the control of Israeli forces, and only small parts of Al-Amal, Al-Nasr neighborhood and Khan Yunis camp are under the control of Palestinian forces.

In the middle of the Gaza strip, there has been no special change during the last two weeks and the Israeli forces have practically stopped in their previous positions.

In the north of the Gaza Strip, the situation has not changed. During the last few days, based on the field information, images and videos published from the north of Gaza, the Israeli forces have withdrawn from a number of other areas in the northwest of Gaza, from the al-Tawam area and its surroundings. Also, Israeli forces are still present in the southwestern areas of Gaza City along the coastline.

Another important point that should not be neglected is the presence of Palestinian fighters in the north of the Gaza Strip. In videos that have been published of the recent advance of Israeli forces in the Rimal area, it shows that the Palestinian fighters are welcoming Israeli battle tanks with RPGs. This issue once again proves that the “Islamic World News” maps from the north of the Gaza Strip were correct and Palestinian fighters are still present in Gaza City. After the Israeli army withdrew from most of northern Gaza, many mistakenly believed that the northern Gaza Strip had been cleared of all Palestinian fighters and Israel has withdrawn from Gaza for this reason.

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In the political sphere, last Sunday, a meeting was held in Paris with representatives of the US, the Zionist regime, Egypt and Qatar, and the parties reached an agreement regarding the exchange of prisoners between the Hamas movement and the Israeli regime and the establishment of a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. The contents of this proposal have been provided to the authorities of the Hamas movement, and Ismail Haniyeh is going to Cairo, the capital of Egypt, to review this agreement and proposals. Nevertheless, the Palestinian authorities are not optimistic about this issue and demand an end to the aggression of the Israeli regime and the complete withdrawal of the Zionist army forces from the Gaza Strip.

Interactive map of the Gaza Strip

The latest military situation in the Gaza Strip – click to view in full size
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