09 August 2020
Breaking: IED Attack Against US Equipment in Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Saraya Thorat Al-Ashrin Al-Thaniyah group declared that its forces targeted a convoy of US coalition equipment by an IED in the Nasiriyah highway.

08 August 2020
John Bolton: Division of Iraq is useful!

ISWNews Analysis Group: John Bolton, the former US national security adviser and one of the US foreign policy theorists, made important remarks in an interview with the Rudaw network about US future plans for the West Asian region.

06 August 2020
IED Attack Against US Convoy

On August 5, the Iraqi group Saraya Thorat Al-Ashrin Al-Thaniyah targeted a US-led coalition convoy with an IED in Tal al-Lahm area north of city of Nasiriyah.

04 August 2020
Protest still continuing in USA + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: After more than two months since protests started in many points in USA, protests against police corruption and racism still continuing.

03 August 2020
Iraq: US high military and political delegation visited Qandil mountain

ISWNews Analysis Group: On 2 August, a high-level US military and political delegation traveled to the Qandil Mountain in northern Iraq to meet with leaders of the PKK terrorist group.

01 August 2020
US military presence increase in Iraq Kurdistan

ISWNews Analysis Group: American coalition spokesperson in Iraq reported of opening a new counseling center in Erbil, Kurdistan.

01 August 2020
SDF name, USA benefit!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Lindsey Graham, American senator, reported of a new oil contract with SDF in northeast of Syria.

27 July 2020
Breaking: Five rockets struck Camp Taji. Casualties were reported among the US forces
27 July 2020
Iran moves mock US aircraft carrier for naval drill

ISWNews Analysis Group: Satellite images show that Iran removed the replica of US aircraft carrier built in Bandar Abbas from this port and was transferring it to the Strait of Hormuz.

26 July 2020
Iraq: US and Spanish militaries withdrew from Basmaya base

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following evacuation of Iraq by foreign forces, Spanish and US forces conducted a ceremony and officially handed over Basmaya base in southeast of Baghdad to Iraqi Army.

25 July 2020
New satellite images of the Russia-linked forces presence in Libya

The US Terrorist forces command center in Africa (AFRICOM) has released new images of the Russia-linked forces equipment and presence in Libya.

25 July 2020
Iraq: Ashab Al-Kahf Downed A US Drone

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Ashab Al-Kahf group released images claiming responsibility for downing a US reconnaissance drone in the Al-Siniyah area in Salah al-Din province.