01 August 2020
Video: Attack on Azerbaijani positions with suicide drone

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Armenian Defense Ministry published footage of striking the position of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces with an kamikaze drone.

23 July 2020
Serbia revealed: Armenia bought two Nora B-52s!

The NORA B-52 is a 155mm, 52-calibre self-propelled gun-howitzer produced by Yugoimport-SDPR primarily for the Serbian Army.

23 July 2020
Changing the battlefield to inside! A glimpse of the recent developments in Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict

Following tumultuous incidents of last week in Caucasian republics and the damages to civilians residences of both sides, the situation in frontline Tavush-Tovuz is calmer in a no war no peace situation for the last three days. No news have been heard from media or the officials regarding the incidents and only some government media vaguely reported shootings which is suspected to be false.

23 July 2020
Azerbaijan Shot Down Armenian Drone

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Azerbaijani Armed Forces shot down an Armenian Army X-55 tactical UAV in the Tovuz border area.

21 July 2020
Exhibition of Azerbaijani drones shot down by Armenia

The Armenian army has unveiled a number of drones of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which were shot down during the recent clashes between the two countries in the border areas.

18 July 2020
Another Israeli drone shot down in Karabakh

ISWNews Analysis Group: This morning, an Israeli Orbiter-3 UAV belonging to the Republic of Azerbaijan was shot down over Karabakh by the Artsakh forces.

15 July 2020
Latest updates on tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia
15 July 2020
We want war!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the recent border tensions between the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia, a significant number of people gathered in Baku last night and called for war with Armenia.

14 July 2020
Tension increased at the border of Azerbaijan and Armenia + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: Two days after unrest started at the border of two countries between towns Tovuz and Tavush, drone attacks by both side increased the tension.

13 July 2020
The situation on the border of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia is calming down

ISWNews Analysis Group: A few hours after the last clashes this morning, the situation on the border between the two countries has calmed down.

13 July 2020
The border conflict between Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group Last night, news about the clashes between the forces of Azerbaijan and Armenia in the border region between the two cities of Tovuz in the Republic of Azerbaijan and Tavush in the Republic of Armenia were published in the media of the two countries.

25 August 2019
Overview of the Karabakh control lines + Map of Karabakh