Iran President Receives Envoys From Azerbaijan, Armenia

Thursday 5 October 2023 - 21:53

In separate meetings with representatives from Azerbaijan Republic and Armenia, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi emphasized Tehran’s opposition to the Zangezur Corridor and the interference of foreigners in the region.

ISWNews Analysis Group – President Raisi held talks with assistant of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in special affairs Khalaf Khalaf and secretary of the Security Council of Armenia Armen Grigoryan, when the president and the two representatives discussed developments in the Caucasus region.

In the meetings, the Iranian president stressed the need to enhance relations between these northern neighbors and Iran with the aim of countering plots that aim to create divisions and disrupt the bilateral relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Raisi went on to say that the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a powerful neighbor of both Azerbaijan and Armenia, is fully prepared to help resolve the two countries’ disputes and problems.

Emphasizing the importance of maintaining border lines and the existing geopolitical structure of the region, the president stated that Iran welcomes regional dialogues in the form of 3+3 or any other format that can contribute to resolving issues and opening up avenues for cooperation between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

He further noted that the countries in the region have the capacity to resolve regional problems and that the engagement of foreign countries into the region, under any pretext, is not in the best interest of any of the regional states.

Mohammad Jamshidi, the Iranian president’s deputy chief of staff for political affairs, said that in both meetings, the President emphasized that the Zangezur Corridor serves as a platform for NATO’s presence in the region and poses a threat to national security, which the Islamic Republic of Iran strongly opposes.

Simultaneously with these meetings, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Iran General Mohammad Bagheri announced the readiness to send observers to the borders of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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