20 October 2019
Boko Haram Attacks on Nigerian Army

ISWNews Analysis Group: In recent attacks by Boko Haram to Nigerian Army in northern regions, 14 Nigerian soldiers were killed.

18 October 2019
Latest Updates on Libya, 18 October 2019
17 October 2019
Latest Updates on Libya, 17 October 2019

Latest news from Libya frontlines

15 October 2019
Latest Updates on Libya, 15 October 2019

Bombing Civil Residents by Haftar and Latest Updates on Tripoli

14 October 2019
Kais Saied Becomes New Tunisian President

ISWNews Analysis Group: The second round of election was over and Kais Saied becomes President with 76% of the votes.

07 October 2019
LNA repelled the GNA attacks on Dawuna, east of Tarhunah.
27 September 2019
US Airstrikes on Libya

The United States Africa Command, AFRICOM released a statement announces targeting ISIS elements in southwest Libya. The statement claimed that 17 ISIS elements were killed in the attack.

27 September 2019
ISIS in Sinai Peninsula

According to ISIS media claims, 15 members of the Egyptian Army have been killed in an ISIS attack on a security post in the Tufahia area south of Ber al-Abd in Sinai Peninsula.

19 September 2019
Tunisian Ex-Dictator Died

ISWNews Analysis Group: Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Tunisian ex-dictator and president passed away in a hospital in Saudi Arabia.

15 September 2019
Census of ISIS Terrorist Attacks in Sinai Peninsula on 1440 AH

ISWNews Analysis Group: ISIS in the latest issue of their newspaper, published a list of their terrorist attacks in 1440 lunar calendar (AH) in Sinai Peninsula.

14 September 2019
Six Emirati Troops Killed in Libya

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to GNA’s statement, their fighter jets attacked Al Jufrah airbase in north of Libya that resulted in death of 6 military personnel.

10 September 2019
Attack on Hussein’s Mourners in Nigeria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Nigerian government forces attacked Hussein’s (AS) mourning ceremonies and martyred and injured dozens of Nigerian oppressed Shiites.