01 August 2020
Delivery of the new Sukhoi-35s to the Egyptian Army + Images

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Egyptian air force recently received five Sukhoi-35 jet fighters from Russia, despite the threats and pressure of US.

26 July 2020
Deployment of new air defense systems in Libya by Turkey

ISWNews Analysis Group: Satellite images showing al-Watiyah airbase located in northwest of Libya released which show new SAMs installed.

26 July 2020
Video: Russian fighter jets fly over the city of Sirte

According to a video released from Libya today, two Russian MiG-29 fighter jets with gray colors, which were recently transferred to Libya, were seen in the skies of the city of Sirte.

25 July 2020
New satellite images of the Russia-linked forces presence in Libya

The US Terrorist forces command center in Africa (AFRICOM) has released new images of the Russia-linked forces equipment and presence in Libya.

23 July 2020
Did Turkey step down from its stances in Libya?

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish Foreign Ministry reported of agreeing with Russia on a long-term stable ceasefire in Libya between GNA and LNA.

23 July 2020
LNA announced that its forces will hold naval exercises in the Sirte Bay region tonight
20 July 2020
Egyptian parliament agrees to send Egyptian troops to foreign missions

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Egyptian parliament agreed to send the Egyptian armed forces to a foreign war mission to defend the country’s national security.

19 July 2020
Latest Updates on Libya, 19 July 2020
17 July 2020
Latest Updates on Libya, 17 July 2020
13 July 2020
Libya: New satellite footage shows scale of destruction of Turkish air defense systems

New satellite images of al-Watiyah airbase in northwestern Libya have been released, which clearly show the destruction of Turkish air defense systems deployed in the area.

12 July 2020
Video: Egypt’s big drill “Decisive 2020”

Following the escalation of tensions in Libya and the increase of the Turkish military presence in the country, the Egyptian army held a “decisive 2020” military drill in response to the Turkish military drill and announced full readiness to enter the Libyan war directly.

11 July 2020
GNA Forces Receive Military Training From Turkey

192 students of the Military College of Libya are receiving military training in Turkey within the framework of the military cooperation agreement signed between the GNA and Ankara.