09 July 2020
Turkey Sends New Air Defense System to Libya

According to images released by local sources in the city of Tripoli, a Turkish transport plane arrived at the Mitiga airport yesterday with a new shipment of air defense systems, and the equipment has been sent to al-Watiyah air base.

09 July 2020
Latest Updates on Libya, 8 July 2020
06 July 2020
GNA: “We Will Retaliate!”

GNA condemned airstrikes on the Al-Watiya airbase which led to destruction of Turkish-deployed air defense system. GNA claimed that it would respond “in right place and at the right time”.

05 July 2020
Interesting Military Patches of Turkish Army in Libya

In recent days, images of the patches of Turkish forces in Libya are circulating which is very interesting in its kind. These patches have become more formal after the signing of the military cooperation agreement between Turkey and Government of National Accord.

05 July 2020
Destruction of Turkish air defense systems at Al-Watiya Airbase!

Just two days after Turkey deployed MIM-23 Hawk air defense systems and the Koral system at the Al-Watiya air base in northwestern Libya, the systems were destroyed by the Libyan National Army (LNA) airstrikes.

05 July 2020
Russia presence increase in Libya focusing on Wagner forces

Images released by AFRICOM (American terrorist Central Command in Africa) late in May show that at least 14 warplanes including Su-24, Mig-29 and Su-35 are moved to Khadim based in northeast and al-Jufrah in center of Libya. Analysing images of al-Jufrah airbase show not only Russia’s air force presence increased but also ground forces mainly of private military company Wagner increased as well.

04 July 2020
Turkish Defense Minister visits Turkish Army Command Operations Room in Libya

ISWNews Analysis Group: On July 4, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar arrived in Tripoli with the Chief of General Staff of the Turkish Army and met with military and political officials of the Government of National Accord.

04 July 2020
Turkish Deploys MIM-23 Hawk Systems in Northwest of Libya

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Turkish military has deployed two surface-to-air MIM-23 Hawk missile systems at the Al-Watiya air base in northwestern Libya.

30 June 2020
Latest Updates on Libya, 30 June 2020

Latest news from the Libya’s fronts

28 June 2020
Latest Updates on Libya, 27 June 2020
27 June 2020
A Review of Recent Developments and Countries’ Approach to Libya

Investigating the possibility of Egypt entering the Libyan war, the interests of Westerners and West Asian countries in the Libyan war

22 June 2020
GNA supporting from murderers of US ambassador to Libya!

The Government of National Accord (GNA) forces posted a picture of Muhammad al-Aribi one of the Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries, in the Souq al-Juma council building in the south of Tripoli.